Going Through A Drug Addiction Detoxification

By: Ben Pate

Many people believe that they can stop using whenever they want to. That they can just detox from home, with the help of some supportive family members and friends. Some even depending on the form of their drug addiction may just use alcohol or marijuana to cope with the addiction detoxification symptoms associated with coming off a substance. This is foolish and dangerous; there are many services out there that offer detox services in the comfort and safety of a medically supervised residence. There is no shame, and ultimately it will save an addicts life.

Suffering From Addiction

Addiction is a nasty disease. It affects not only the user, but those who love them and are around them. Addiction takes a toll on an individual emotionally, but also physically and many addictions become a physical dependency. This means that the body will actually grow to need the substance to function properly. This makes coming off an addiction very difficult and is why detox services are needed for those wishing to kick their drug abuse.


Detoxing is the process of ridding the body of toxic substances such as drugs or alcohol. When a person develops a dependency upon a drug or alcohol then it must stay in their system in order for them to function properly. By going through a drug or alcohol detox the body can effectively get rid of the harmful substance. However this is not an easy process. It can be very painful, and in some instances dangerous. This is why there are medically supervised detox rehabs. They allow an individual to detox from a substance while getting medical care at the same time.


There are reasons behind addiction, and until those reasons are sought out and dealt with addiction will only continue. Rehabilitation offers counseling in many forms including individual, group, and family. These services along with work groups within rehab programs will help a former addict gain introspect into their addiction and will give them the insight and coping mechanisms needed to prevent a relapse.

The Road To Recovery

Recovery is a long road, and it lasts a lifetime, and unfortunately there may be instances of relapse, but by continuing with aftercare and meetings and staying true to those who love and support you, recovery can and will be successful. By using the tools and coping mechanisms given in therapy and rehabilitation addiction can be a thing of the past.

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It is a very bad idea for an individual with a drug addiction to attempt a drug detox by themselves in their home. It can be very dangerous. There are many painful side effects that happen when a person goes through a drug detox. By having a doctor supervise the process, you will have a much better chance of successfully completing a drug detox.

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