Glue Guns

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Glue Guns

The glue gun is the ultimate tool for bonding a wide variety of materials. The metal heating element in the glue gun's body melts the glue, and gooey adhesive flows out the of glue gunís cone-shaped tip. This is probably considered as the ultimate tool in crafting and in minor repairs. Could anyone imagine the arts and crafts world without these dependable hot glue guns? Probably not.

The glue gun you choose would depend on how you want to use it. If you are working with delicate materials, opt for a low-temperature gun, this would melt the stick at around 250 degrees. The high-temperature gun is more suited for bonding substantial materials like metal and wood and it works at about 380 degrees. Also available are dual-temperature guns which offer both temp options and cost slightly more. Another property to consider in using glue gun is, whether you want your glue gun to be push-fed or trigger-fed model. With trigger feed, you simply insert the glue stick and each push of the trigger pushes the stick forward into the heater and melts through the nozzle. Push-fed model is usually for home and school projects, you need to manually push the glue stick in as you go along.

The glue is strong and has staying power. The adhesive bonds immediately and becomes cool to the touch quickly. For people looking for an alternative to clear glue, glue sticks come in variety of colors and some even come with glitter. Glue guns come in different sizes, from mini-gun that is just a few inches in size to a large industrial pistol-grip type models. The most common is the one that has a diameter of 11mm. Sticks also come in different lengths, from 10cm onwards. Some manufacturers sell battery-powered hot glue guns, but most models operate off on standard power outlets and some are gas powered.

Good thing about these guns is, it can stick to a variety of materials. You can use it with beads, glass, wood, ceramics, brick, stone, metal, silk, dried flowers, pine cones, cloth and seashells. The possibilities are endless. For safety though, one must be careful when using glue guns. The melted glue, even from a low-temperature glue gun will stay hot for at least 1minute. It can cause discomfort and burns if the glue comes in direct contact with your skin. Do not touch the hot glue, especially the hot glue gun's nozzle tip. Because of the metal nozzle's heat, the glue may continuously ooze out even when you are not squeezing the trigger, make sure to set the gun down on a cardboard or a sheet of paper to protect surfaces from drips.

Part of the hot glue gun's appeal is the price. It is inexpensive and easy to use. It can be bought at any local craft and hardware store and the more specialized industrial glue guns can be purchased from specialist glue gun suppliers, including online retailers. A glue gun has infinite uses; not only for arts and crafts but also for minor home repair jobs and specialist industrial applications.

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