Glaucoma - How to Manage It

By: Aden Moore

There are various types of eye diseases that prevail mainly in adults such as Cataract, Glaucoma, disease of the retina etc. All of these diseases in more or lesser ways can cause partial or complete blindness in a person.

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There is a liquid that is produced by the cells of the eyes which helps to maintain proper and a clear vision. There is a balance that is maintained between this liquid that is produced and excretion of this liquid by the eye ducts. In condition of Glaucoma, this eye pressure is increased due to blockage of ducts. This causes enlargement and pain in the eye. If not treated in time, it can cause blindness.

If I have increased eye pressure, can it cause Glaucoma?
Certain amount of pressure in the eye can be high for some and normal for others. Hence, every person with an increased eye pressure does not necessarily suffer from this condition also known as Open angle Glaucoma.

Can low pressure also cause Glaucoma?
It is not necessary that high eye pressure will cause Glaucoma. People with low pressure in the eye or even normal eye pressure can suffer from Glaucoma.

Does this condition occur at any particular age?
Usually older adults suffer from Open Angle Glaucoma. Hereditary factor can also cause this condition. People suffering from increased blood sugar can also have this eye disease.

Are there any symptoms of Glaucoma?
At an early stage, it cannot be detected. However, there are certain symptoms which if persist for long should be checked by a doctor such as;
Reddening of the eye, pain in the eyes, headache, feeling of nausea, hazy vision, and partial loss of vision.

Can Glaucoma be prevented?
It can be prevented by getting the eye examination done at least once every year so that it can be detected at an early stage and prevented.

How can I treat Glaucoma?
There are various medications available in the market for this condition apart from the eye surgery which is done in most severe cases. One of the most commonly used medications is Alphagan eye drops.

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