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Ageless and androgynous, gemstone beads are made with precious and semi-precious stones. A gemstone is a piece of mineral, rock or organic material with aesthetic value. It is lustrous and hard. Immensely personal, jewelry made from gemstone beads make great presents.
The value of a gemstone bead is determined as per the gemís rarity. As an accessory, gemstone beads have a sophisticated appeal while being affordable. These beads are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors; large gemstones in atypical cuts and subtle tints are all the rage.
Gemstones are distinguished as per their chemical composition or crystal system, color, hardness and translucency. The refractive index of a gemstone is also important. The global fashion industry is dominated by gemstone beads. These glossy rocks have an old-word charm but in design they are contemporary.
Utterly royal, they are also worn because of their astronomical and metaphysical significance. Emerald beads, usually green, are worn for harmony, wisdom and love. Amethyst beads, usually mauve or lilac, are worn to open the spiritual centers and overcome fear.
Black Onyx beads are worn to release negativity and for self-control and confidence. Carnelian beads, usually a blend of milky white, orange and red; are worn for their calming and energizing effect. Red Coral beads are worn for restoring harmony and as an aid to meditation. Jade beads, usually shades of green, are worn as protective and curative stones.
Tourmaline beads are worn for luck and love. They are stress relievers; however, each color has a different purpose. Turquoise beads are worn for their neutralizing and healing properties. They are amongst the most popular high fashion beads.
Snowflake Obsidian beads, usually a blend of black and white, are worn for purity. They increase spiritual awareness and allow you to observe and alter your unhealthy behavioral patterns. Tigerís Eye and Catís Eye beads are worn for increasing focus and oneness in the mind.
Moonstone beads, usually white, are worn to enhance intuition and inspiration. Sunstone beads, orangey gold, are worn to increase energy and harmony. The two stones are often combined to complement their influences. Gemstone beads blend fashion with mysticism, thus enhancing their allure.
You can use these beads to embellish haute couture, go voguish or vintage. You can choose to create alternative designs or traditional motifs. Gemstones can be set in precious metals like gold and silver or strung in to delicate metallic chains. The current trend is to string gemstone beads into strips of leather.
They also make exquisite bracelets, feminine to a fault. wholesale Gemstone beads can be used for flamboyant jewelry as well as subtle trinkets; you have a plethora of options to choose from. In any case, be prepared to create some magic!

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Glass beads are offered in nearly every color; resembling precious jewels when faceted. The refraction of light in faceted beads creates a sparkling allure, reflecting and deflecting the colors of the spectrum (rainbow shades).

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