Give your Kids an Advantage by Teaching them to Play Chess

By: James Bennett

It has been proven that chess playing is a great learning aid and promotes development for all ages, particularly for youngsters. All games that involve strategies, manoeuvres and understanding rules can be educational and help nurture the brain's motor functions.

Not only this but playing games together as a family provides a safe and fun activity that every member can participate in and enjoy, including young children, mum and dad, and even grandpa.

Don't be too serious when playing board games with the kids, if you want them to enjoy the experience and get something from it then you have to make it pleasurable for them. They'll soon be begging you to play on a regular basis!

Playing board games helps children with their social skills and how to interact with others, an important element in everyday life. Learning about taking turns, making decisions, how to be patient, and understanding and applying various rules is the norm with board games. Trying to solve a Rubik's cube or fit together a jigsaw puzzle involves them having to apply skills in problem solving and helps improve memory skills.

Life is all about being fair and learning how to share with your friends, these are important for kids to learn and understand and can be taught from playing games, just ask any primary schoolteacher how important play is and you're sure to get a lecture on its importance in a child's life. Children can be bad losers and that's where you come in, to show them it's ok if they don't win every time and how to deal with the feelings they have when this happens.

Games like Scrabble and Upwords can help with spelling, vocabulary and math, whilst Cluedo, on the other hand requires sleuthing and problem solving skills.

Chess is a popular board game that is even being used in school curriculums all over the world these days as it's highly effective in improving memory and other abilities. Research has shown that students test results improve when they are involved in playing chess regularly, more so than those students who join other activities. School chess sets are for sale online at a price everyone can afford.

One great way to get your kids interested in the game is to invest in a garden chess set. Larger than life these are so much fun as they come with giant-sized chess pieces and other accessories that will really appeal to youngsters and the young at heart. They are extremely durable and weather proof as they are made for outside but can also be moved inside the home if required.

A giant chess set is the ideal accessory for a summer birthday party or barbeque where you can invite relatives, friends and neighbours to join in a game. Or if you're a real chess enthusiast why not take it along to the park and challenge whoever is interested, it's the perfect way to get to know new people and be noticed!

The chess boards and pieces are hollow so it's light enough to carry, yet robust and sturdy enough to be tossed around if the kids should lose! Chess board mats are made from durable vinyl and can be folded away and fit nicely in the boot of the car or tucked under your arm and carried. Also rain proof if the good old English weather lets you down, the average size is 89cm square for the board and pawns stand around 10cm tall.

There are countless examples of games that can aid your child's development and are worth spending the money on if you want them to learn and develop socially. There really is no better way to learn than by having fun, take a look at glass chess sets and more for inspiration.

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