Give Myself The Title Of Underwear Fanatics!

By: yang

In addition to football, although I am also very interested in other things, but so far I just want to study the "underwear",which is not respected in Germany.In Germany" staring at the underwear innocently" means "trance," and asked people "how to wash the underwear"is the sort of thing simply regarded as "poaching privacy".Intelligent person may not be committed to this research!The good news is the situation in French is completely different.
French understand the power of the underwear.Jacques Laurent is a fellow of the College de France, and is also a great expert of cultural and underwear historical.If he is in Germany, he may was immediately removed by Rotary Club because of his research field.
What is the passion to make the French artists obsessed with garters and stockings?Silk lingerie and little panties?Light is used to describe the sound hemed of the silk fabric painting swinging, showing tenderness peculiar to France.
Have you found it?I'm trying to give myself the title of underwear fanatics!But I must admit someone has been long tried before me,such as De Xika.She did have the various conditions that I can not have such as the size of bust or the thickness of the thigh, even in other areas, I can not compared far.For example, she untied the nylon buckle of the black lace corset, such as ballet dancers camel standing on the bed.She make the stripper performance looked like artistic achievements,and the tempted priest who immediately forget the supremacy of the Almighty God, had succumbed to the magic of love.
Co-staring in the third act with Tuoya Ni film "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,"Sophia Loren played the call girl named Mara.She also has a convincing like a preacher-like, which makes people no place to seeing them.Yet it is her that provide a defence for me, because Mara lead a priest returned to God's arms.It is said that because she could not bear priest falling into troubled, then she give him a break.However, a woman who put on underwear consciously can expected her actions will lead to what consequences.
I always feel confused wether a "preacher" actually be able to forget their mission easily, like the very sexy Sophia?Until a few years ago I saw the director Robert Altman's "Ella Storm", which solved my doubts.In the movie, the mature Sophia take off her stockings in front of the mature Ma Qialuo again, but Ma Qialuo who lying in the bed had been dozing off.Although people always say do not confuse the film and reality, but to me, demonstrated the significance of this scene is clear enough.

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