Gifting Ideas that will Rekindle the Spark in your Love Relationship

By: Jullian Assanje

You know it's true, it can happen to the best of relationships, when the endless parade of roses, chocolates, lovemaking sessions and exploring different destinations together eventually turns into dried flowers and boring sex. With time, the fire of romance slowly fizzles out because the other responsibilities have become your priority. So if you ever find yourself in a relationship discord, do not worry. This article will help you re-ignite that old spark and keep the relationship going in a loving, harmonious and fulfilling state.

Plan a surprise date

It might sound common but if you feel that there have been months you both have not spend time together, sweep her off her feet with an unexpected rendezvous. That does not mean to have dinner and go off to bed. Experiment with something new and romantic. You can cook for her and decorate the table with flowers and candles. If a girl is planning this, she can buy her husband's favourite cologne for him. Wait, not the regular one! Remember smelling his cologne for the first time? There are huge chances he might be not using it anymore. So, look for it, girl, and make him remember the days you both spend in each other's arms. Moreover, a sensuous fragrance is a powerful ally in building a romance.

Couple massage

Throw her off-guard by blindfolding and taking her to an intimate session of couple massage. Yes, this is something that will take the relationship to the different level. Sharing a soothing and calming massage is not only immensely enjoyable but also promotes healing. It is exhilarating that you will have a blissful hour of massage, while boosting the health and mental awareness together. However, it is essential to select the spa centre carefully. You can check all the details and then get an appointment at least two days prior. This will avoid any last minute hassles.

Old photos are gold

Now, this is something very romantic! You need to bring out your creative side and decorate your bedroom with the oldest photos. Make your spouse realize how close, happy and romantic a couple you both were. This might stir up those emotions and feelings and also help you reinvent the lost spark in your relationship.

Bond in the bathroom

Well now, this is one of the most intimate and sensual spaces to bond. You can wear sexy lingerie and chat up a little when your husband is shaving. Have a spicy chat rather than the monotonous one. Show him your wildest side that he has not seen it in you for over years. This will surprise him and help your relationship to be stronger and healthier.

Get inked!

You can get a sexy tattoo such as the date of your first kiss, name of your spouse or even the lyrics of your favourite song to symbolize strong love for each other. Well, the choice is all yours whether to bear a little pain to ink a permanent tattoo or can try a temporary one as well.

Plan for a baby

Strange but true, if it is not too late, you can even plan for a next baby! Creating a life together can indeed be a binding force for your relationship.

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