Gift of Gem: How To Put Your Products On The Top Of Everyone's Wishlist?

By: Lina Lambert

The winter holidays can either be a bane or a boon to retailers. It is the busiest and most chaotic time of the year. Stores need to set a mood, have a theme or just look in a way that will encourage people to buy jewelry as gifts.

Giving jewelry as presents has started to pick up over the recent years. Because everybody loves jewelry, it is an easy present to give. But even though customers do sought to buy jewelry, retailers still have to work hard to make sure their products are at the top of the wish-lists.

Here are some tips on how to encourage customers covet the accessories that are on your stores.

Showcase your strengths
The best way to get everyone's attention is by showing the best. Present your latest and best selling jewelry at a prominent place in your store or website. Offer as much variety as possible but try not to overwhelmed customers by showing too much. The goal is to get customers interested to enter your store or website and discover you have much more to offer inside. Also, is it good to offer mix prices at the start to make people know if they can afford your products. Offering alternative metals like titanium and stainless steel jewelry with precious metal accessories is a good way to encourage customers to buy.

Define your markets, target them with your collections and use the hype to sell up
It is best to focus on a certain market at first then try to add as time pass and not try to get everyone at once. Not all jewelry can capture every person's taste and it would be impossible to offer inventory that all markets will appreciate. Attract target customers by entertaining their taste and offer inventory that are on trend. Also, open your inventory to pieces that are affordable like stainless steel jewelry for men and stainless steel jewelry for women. As they take notice of your products, more often than not, other people close to them will also pay attention. Even if your target market does not buy your products, as the holidays start to approach, it is a big possibility that their friends or family will buy it for them.

Appeal with the emotion using merchandising and advertisement
The holidays are an emotional time. It is a period of celebration and thanksgiving. But sometimes, it is also a time for making up for lost time, apologies and reconnection. Marketing and merchandising with emotion is a great way to take the attention of customers because jewelry given as presents tends to be personal. Often, the monetary worth of a jewelry given as presents is not the reason that it has value, so inexpensive accessories can get popular as the holidays approach.

Cite the latest trends and popular culture that jive with your products
Celebrities are one of the best trend setters in the world of fashion. By telling people that you have inventory with similar style with famous actors and actresses but in a more affordable price, you can ride the pop culture bandwagon that will make a lot of people covet your jewelry. Unlike ordinary days, the holidays is a time when people would be following their wants and are more inclined to spend to finally get their dream necklace or earrings.

The making customers excited for your products are the ultimate goal of every retailer. With the winter holidays fast approaching, it would be up to you how many portions of the pie you will be able to get by getting into customers' wish lists.

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