Giclee canvas prints and photos onto canvas gives emphasis to versatility.

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Really Giclee simply means art which is sprayed onto the substrate, rather than being screened, painted, or produced with other more traditional imitation methods.Many artists use Giclee printing to reproduce their art work, where it is not practical to have their work mass produced. Most mass production techniques require set up costs which make it impractical to use unless investing in having a large number of prints.
Some artists invest in their own Giclee printing equipment, which would consist of a wide format digital inkjet printer, but due to the setup & running costs, many artists prefer to use Giclee printing studio's.
Giclee canvas prints can be produced from your artwork, as well as from digital photography. Giclee printing studios will allow you to send them your image, on a disk in the post, via upload to their website, or email attachment - and they will transform your images into high quality Giclee canvas prints.
If you wish to decorate your blank wall with a beautiful image, a conceptual giclee canvas print is the best option. Giclee canvas printing is the process of producing a close duplication of an original artwork. Giclee is a French word which means - 'spray of liquid.' Abstract canvas printing is a high quality printing process on to canvas.
The canvas printing method combines the use of professional grade large format printers and archival pigment inks, acid free watercolor papers and canvas. Giclee canvas print is ideal as a gift item. The printing is done on high resolution large format digital inkjet printers using fade resistant inks and dyes. The finished prints will be as elegant as the original.
Today, Giclee canvas printing companies make use of the hottest technology to print high resolution images featuring everything from renaissance to modern art prints. In the technique of printing on canvas, makers use exceptional software and materials such as UV proof printing inks to render the photos onto canvas.
For giclee printing, high quality, light resistant inks are utilized. Photographic images, two-dimensional artwork or computer generated artwork can be made into giclee canvas art prints.Before printing, first a scan is made, which can be used to make as many prints as required in fast turnaround time - one of the advantages of giclee printing. These canvas prints are affordable and hence very popular.
To transfer photos onto canvas, you can get digital photographs printed on the canvas and use it instead of the normal photographs. The photos printed on canvas give a unique touch to the picture and can win you a lot of appreciation. Similarly apart from photos onto canvas, you can also get giclee prints on the canvas wherein the fine art prints can be converted into digital art and then printed on canvas.
There are many companies that deal in this and can get you good quality canvas photos. One of the pioneers in this field is Canvas Design that has a number of abstract designs and other patterns that can be transferred from photo to canvas.
If you want to change the colors of the pictures which are to be transferred from photos onto canvas then that is also provided by the company. At the same time, you can also add special effects to the pictures and then get them on canvas to make it unique. You can send the picture to them or choose a picture from the gallery available with them.

There are several benefits, which individuals can obtain if they opt for canvas printing. First, they get the best and long lasting substrate. Secondly, in printing on canvas, makers apply special coat over the canvas photos to protect it from UV (Ultraviolet) rays and water. Sometimes, they also apply additional coat to prevent the photos against scratches.
Canvas printed photos are easy to hang and canvas have eminent value and brings the best of photos as compared to paper printed photos. Thus, canvas printings give the opportunity to individuals for developing a masterpiece and maximize the prints, well within the budget.

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Giclee canvas prints in various dimensions, styles and shapes are used to elegantly decorate your contemporary home and office. These are also some of the best gift options for all occasions. Enlarging your photographs and using them to decorate your walls is an old concept. Photos onto canvas is in vogue these days and many people are getting it to decorate their homes.

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