Getting a Hedge Fund Job

By: Brody Diego

One of the most dreams of each MBA graduates or Finance graduates is to find a career in the hedge fund industry. But sometimes, most of them do not know what their recruiter is looking for. Hedge Fund Jobs are known to be one of the most hard to get firm industry and known for asking difficult and logical questions. In getting a hedge fund job, you must have to posses some qualities and personalities before going an interview season.

In a hedge fund industry you are most likely to possess a good communication skills and high self confidence to sell yourself in your clients. You also need to make an informative resume without so much confusing words like putting unnecessary information in your resume. Here are some of the important things to make you stand out in getting a hedge fund job. First, to make your Recruitment agency thinks about your application you must have intelligence. Recruitment Agency are pretty looking for those smart people. Each applicant must be good in mathematics and even in physics. Having a PhD in this field is also a Bonus for their qualifications. However, even if you donít have a college diploma but really eager to work in the hedge fund you still have the opportunity to apply. Remember, Hedge Fund Jobs need passionate people. As a matter of fact some of the managers in a hedge industry are dropouts from college. They start from lower position till they reach the top because of their dedication. So donít ever think that recruiters look only in degrees and diplomas.

Second is the Passion. As what I have mentioned above Hedge Fund Industry does not only focuses of what degrees you have or how long you have been in college. Trader is one of the most demanding and best jobs in the world. Youíll have to invest time and hardship in this industry and only people only achieve that. In getting your job in hedge fund industry you must show your work from previous employee to show how passionate youíre in your work and also show them your eagerness to have that position. But donít get too exaggerated. In every Recruitment you will be competing with numbers of applicants so must really what you are capable of doing to help the company.

And last but not the least is your quantitative qualities. In Hedge Fund Idustry you will dealt with risky about mitigating. So therefore you need to have enough knowledge in statistics. You must possess knowledge about the job you are entering to. Each hedge fund has their own Recruitment strategy but if you posses all the 3 qualities Iíve mention above you can surely get a job in hedge funds. So before you choose Hedge Fund Jobs make sure you already prepared yourself from the interview and pressure you might get in this kind of industry. Having knowledge in statics and abstract reasoning will also give you a Bonus points to increase your opportunity in getting the job.

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