Getting a Fast Separation In Maine

By: Jean Mahserjian

Clients sometimes ask whether a Maine "Fast Separation" is possible. Yes it is - whenever both parties will amicably work on the process. A Maine "Fast Separation" will not be possible if either party works to hold the process up. Like other states, Maine sets forth mandatory rules that have to be abided by before you will be awarded a Separation. There is no avoiding this.
Individuals have asked, in what way might one of the parties delay a Maine "Fast Separation"? By choosing to dispute issues that need to be agreed upon or consented to, including divorce grounds, or by choosing to litigate issues such as (a) how each asset is to be divided, (b) how to decide custody as well as the custody schedule, and also (c) how much spousal support and child support will be paid under the statutes.

Each of the issues that have to be dealt with prior to finalizing a Maine separation could become the source of argument. And thus, if someone proposes to preclude and stop a "Fast Separation", that is possible.

Nonetheless, all of the necessary family law matters can also be determined amicably. If each of the parties want to enter into a Maine "Fast Separation", they should be in agreement regarding all of the outstanding matters. And so the first topic that you need to decide is if each spouse is willing to amicably agree upon the issues necessary in order to get a Maine "Fast Separation".

Once you both have agreed that you will work out a Maine "Fast Separation", you are going to need to determine how you can get all of the papers finished and file. One easy way to complete that is to retain one lawyer to represent both parties and to fill out the papers. Some people do not want to hire just one attorney and prefer to have independent advise from their own attorney. However, it is very common to retain two lawyers and ask one of them to finish all of the Maine separation papers, and ask the other attorney review and approve the documents.

Another way for you to get a Maine "Fast Separation" would be to find one of the many available online divorce and separation services to prepare the necessary documents. You can locate an online divorce and separation service that is available that will fill out all of the papers necessary for you to obtain your Maine "Fast Separation". With any such separation service, you and your spouse will be sure that the you are receiving separation documents that are applicable to the state of Maine.

If it so happens that the two of you decide to use an online divorce and separation service for your Maine "Fast Separation", you basically have three types of services to choose from. One type of online divorce and separation service will simply mail or email all of the required legal paperwork for a Maine separation to you. This legal paperwork will be accompanied by very detailed instructions on how to complete them with the proper information on how to file the papers with the proper authorities, but you or your spouse will need to do this on your own.
Another type of service is an online divorce and separation "complete form preparation" service provider. This type of service provider asks that you and your spouse fill out a questionnaire regarding your situation. Then, that online divorce and separation service would fill out the required legal paperwork for you and forward them to you with instructions on how you must submit them to the courts.

A third type of online divorce and separation service is a "full" service provider which is usually provided by attorneys. This category of online divorce and separation service requires that you and your spouse prepare questionnaires to allow for the preparation of the necessary forms, then this service continues by getting the signatures from both parties on the completed paperwork, and then actually file those forms for you. This form of separation service almost always is a bit more pricy than the other type because you must remit all of the necessary filing fees to this service so they can file your separation papers. When using the other types of online divorce and separation services that the parties can hire for your separation, you or your spouse will have to remit the filing fees required by the state of Maine on your own.

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