Getting Straight Forward Loan Modification Help

By: Walter Sigmore

With today's current economic conditions, foreclosure has become a rampant result of so many house loans. Because of this, loan modification help might be the best way you can receive assistance if your home is on he brink of foreclosure. This help has been made possible by the current administration led by the President.. It has been able to give hope to a lot American families since it has easily modified their original loans. Even if the loan modification proves to hold a lot of benefits, unfortunately, not everyone can qualify for the help.

Under the Presidents new plan called the Tarp II, he intends to put $75 Billion in a fund dedicated in assisting homeowners. The very first set of people who the program will help is the ones who currently have a mortgage payment but have not managed to save a few of their property's value because of the economy. This is called the Affordable Refinance program by the government, which will assist individuals who are unable to refinance their existing home due to their lack of equity. In order to qualify, there are some criteria which you must meet.

The requirements state that you must either have a loan under Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, the home under discussion must be your primary residence, the money you owe on the mortgage must be lower or equal to the actual value of your home, lastly, you need to be updated on the payment of your mortgage. This means that you should not have had any late payment of a 30 days period in the previous 12 months.

Individuals who are have unfortunately been behind their payments or are struggling with their current loan can still qualify for the other program known as Homes Affordable Modification. This program will assist you in modifying the original loan to fit a more suitable and affordable monthly payment. In order to be eligible, your owed amount on the first mortgage should be lower or equal to $729,750, you must be facing problems with maintaining payments for your mortgage, the home should be your primary residence, and the mortgage should have been obtained on or before January 1, 2009.

These two programs are among the many which the government has provided for help. If you find that you are not eligible for federal aid, this does not mean that you cannot get help from somewhere else. There are still several different available loan modification help services. In addition, there is even a do it yourself process. The mortgage modification has been able to assist thousands of homeowners get out of their debt and have gotten them on track with their existing loan payments. Once you are in the same situation, the modification might be able to give you the same assistance.

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