Getting Rid of Migraines Early

By: EileenDavies

It's no surprise to people who have suffered from chronic migraine headaches for a long time to find out that it is easier and much more effective to treat a migraine as early as possible, rather than waiting for the migraine to calm down on its own. Let's face it, that could take days in some cases. Treating your migraine early is all about learning what your pre-migraine signs are. When you can pin point the early signs of a migraine, you can take medications that will start to take effect before the migraine grounds you.

Allowing your migraines to get to the stage where everything you do causes pain is not a good idea. By this point, your migraine has passed through the point of no return. You have no other choice but to let it run its course all the way through because any medication that you do take is probably going to wind up coming back up before it has a chance to even partially work.

The most effective medications for migraines are in the triptan family, like Imitrex. Studies have shown that when these medications are taken before the migraine progresses too far, which is usually within the first hour and before it gets to the everything hurts phase, it is more successful in stopping the pain and other symptoms associated with your migraine.

Using your prescription medication as early as possible is the key here. Most people are under the assumption that these medications will work at any stage of the migraine, but the longer that you allow your migraine to progress, the lower the chance for successful pain treatment. Many doctors often recommend that you keep your migraine medications with you at all times, especially since they are well-know for hitting at different times in the day.

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