Getting Jewelry for Nipple Piercings in the Woodlands

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Ever since the practice of nose piercing became popular again back in the 80’s, people have been re-exploring other forms of body piercing. One of the most popular today is nipple piercing. What do these piercings represent and how do you get them?

In Ancient Rome, nipple piercing was popular among men because it was viewed as a sign of masculinity. British and American sailors also underwent ritual nipple piercing when they sailed through particular longitudes or latitudes for the first time. However, as the years passed, the popularity of nipple piercings in men waned, leaving women to take up the slack. Women of the 14th century considered this fashionable; and many today consider it appealing and sexually-attractive.

Because of its growing popularity, finding jewelry for your nipple piercings isn’t that hard. You can visit jewelers and other accessory stores here in The Woodlands and are likely to find something you like in the first few that you visit. You can also start your search online so you wouldn’t really need to physically visit several stores.

You first need to consider the direction of your piercing, as this would determine which style of nipple ring would be suitable. Most people opt for a horizontal piercing, which means they can wear rings or barbells. Those who chose to go with vertical piercings, can wear the same things that are worn with navel piercings.

It is recommended that you invest in high-quality material to avoid any infections and other complications with your nipples. Jewelers in The Woodlands can help you find 14k or 18k gold rings or barbells, as these are the best for nipple piercings. You can also decorate them with different kinds of colored stones or diamonds, depending on your preferences.

If you’re disinclined with getting your nipples pierced but still wish to enjoy the aesthetic appeal associated with the practice, you can use non-piercing options like shields and rings which are held in place by specially-designed clips. This non-piercing nipple jewelry looks just like their piercing cousins; and can also be found with the help of jewelers in The Woodlands. Texas has a lot of jewelry stores that you can choose from—there are also body piercing shops and accessory stores that can point you in the right direction.

If you can’t find the design you like in the stores of jewelers in The Woodlands TX, you can ask them about ordering the piece you want from other branches or stores, or ordering it from wholesalers. Jewelers typically have procedures when it comes to instances like these, so hold tight. You can also ask about customized pieces that the jeweler can make. For more information, check out

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