Getting Help With Bad Credit

By: Evelyn Lim

Getting turned down for a car loan or for a mortgage or, perhaps more surprisingly, receiving a high interest rate when you are approved for a loan, is often the first many people hear that they have a poor credit score. Alternatively, sometimes you may realize you have a low credit score, but may not be complete aware of the effect bad credit can have on your life and your financial future. Bad credit can cause you to be denied a car loan, new home loan, the lowest auto insurance premiums, or even a new job. Poor credit can also result in you being approved for a loan at a higher interest rate than you were expecting.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may feel hopeless and resigned to your fate, especially once you realize that negative listings on your credit report can remain for 7 years or more in some cases The bad score is not short-lived. Like many others in this situation, you may feel your only choice is to patiently wait out this sentence until the time limit has expired and the damaging items automatically drop from your credit reports.

Bad Credit Does Not Have to Be a Seven Year Sentence

The good news is, you may not have to wait seven years for negative listings to fall off your credit reports. There are things you can do today that could result in significant increases in your credit rating in much less time. There are steps you can take to legally fix up your credit score.

You can research how to fix your credit score yourself, and risk expending a large amount of energy and time working towards improving your credit score. However, you may instead choose to work with a credit repair organization. These professionals are experienced in the tasks involved in improving people's credit.

Credit repair companies work with the credit bureaus and creditors to dispute the questionable negative listings that appear on your credit reports.

Credit correction firms like Lexington Law specialize in working with consumers to dispute the questionable items on their credit report. For over 18 years, Lexington Law has been helping Americans legally take action on their credit. Through participation in services which address issues with creditors as well as the credit bureaus directly, Lexington Law's average clients see 84 percent of the damaging information removed from their credit reports within 1 year. (Individual results may vary).

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