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By: Axel Price

Imagine QPR playing against Manchester United at home and you want to back QPR. The oddsen against you are heavily stacked. Most people would be backing ManU to thrash QPR let alone losing to them. But you may have got a tip from someone that makes you believe that QPR is going to sneak in home by a solitary goal. You would be investing in very langoddsen but imagine how much you can take home if QPR actually wins the match. This is what sport betting is all about. Sometimes your gut feeling tells you that you should back the less favored because someone tipped you.

There is actually less fun when you bet on the favorite because the oddsen are heavily stacked against such bets. Swansea will take on Manchester United this weekend and the home team have 4/1 odds of winning. A ManU win, on the other hand, has the odds of 4/6 and the odds for a draw are 14/5. Now what does this tell you? It tells you that you are safer betting for ManU because you will have more chances of winning. So, for each £1 you bet on ManU you will win £1.67. However, if you bet on Swansea you get back £5 for every pound you bet. You make almost three times by betting on Swansea but you will be betting on very langoddsen. And this is where the fun is.

Betting is not always about gut feeling. In fact, you tend to take lower risks when you go by your gut feeling. If you want to make money from betting then taking langoddsen makes sense at times. However, you also get great risks when you bet on long odds. The amount of money you can lose can be substantial. Hence, expert advice is needed for understanding oddsen and betting right.

Betting is so popular all over the world that you can bet on virtually any game happening anywhere in the world. From football in Europe to NFL in the USA to tennis in Austalia to horse racing in Dubai Ė think of any game and any tournament and you can place your bets. And now that online betting has become so convenient you just need to create your account with a bookmaker to place your bets. After that, of course, itís your luck.

But you should never depend on luck completely because you make the best of the various oddsen. There are experts that give you almost guaranteed tips and this is where you would want to make the most of langoddsen. You may think that you are taking a big risk but your bet may turn out to be less risky than you thought. A lot of research and thinking goes into betting tips and it is worthwhile paying heed to the experts.

Get to know more about oddsen and you will maximize your winnings from bets. The right tips will even make langoddsen less risky. But yes, donít think that you can always make a winning bet.

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Every bettor knows about oddsen. But expert advice makes even langoddsen seem less risky.

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