Get the Goodness of No-Fenol for Your Kids

By: Amelia Johnson

No-Fenol is the best solution for children who develop allergies while eating certain fruits and vegetables. Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are very essential for the body. Some children love them but cannot take them as they are allergic to them and others donít like the taste of the fruits and vegetables. But it is a fact that some children develop rashes on cheeks and ears and dark circles under the eyes. When such problems persist, children will be forced to stop taking fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. This enzyme supplement provides the children with their daily nutrition which can be had from fruits and vegetables without giving them any of the bad effects of the products.

How It Works

No-Fenol makes the digestion of fruits and vegetables very easy. It has a constituent called Xylanase which is an enzyme. This has a direct effect on the cell walls of the plant cells and breaks them down helping in easy digestion. Carbohydrates are the main constituents of the cell walls and Xylanase can easily digest them. When kids take this enzyme supplement, they get this Xylanase in plenty and can then digest the fruits and vegetables well. Besides being able to digest the food, this supplement also helps to soften the stools so that you have no problem in the morning. Kids can also have it easiky since it is in the chewable form also.

What It Consists Of

No-Fenol has an enzyme blend of CereCalase, Xylanase, Beta-Glucanase, Hemicellulose and Phytase. All this is contained in the capsules and tablets and coated with cellulose and medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT). Coconut gives the oil and the European spruce trees provide the cellulose. Cellulose makes up the capsule and the filler as well. One tablet or capsule is enough at a time to give you the required enzymes. Kids can take one tablet a day and they will get the desired nutrition without any of the side effects that the fruits and vegetables give.

The Adverse Things It Does Not Have

No-Fenol is completely natural and does not have any ingredient which can prove to be harmful to kids. It does not have gluten, casein, salicyclates, MSG, sugar, soy and artificial colors. There is also no limit to the capsules or tablets you can have as there is nothing in it to produce side effects. However, the goodness of the enzymes can be had just by taking Ĺ - 1 tablet or capsule daily. You donít need to take it before or after every meal. You can take it once at any time during the day. If you feel the need for it, you can also have it twice a day.

Why You Should Have It

Dr. Devin Houston developed this enzyme supplement to alleviate the anxiety of most parents regarding their childrenís need for fruits and vegetables. The parents feel anxious when their children develop allergies and are not able to enjoy the goodness of fruits and vegetables. This supplement is very helpful as it gives the kids what they need and also helps to digest their food well. No-Fenol is also available in both capsule and tablet form which makes it even more attractive.

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