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By: J R Hartley

So you have a website, you have a product (or products) to sell, but your website doesn't get any traffic and of course no traffic means no sales, no sales mean no money so the key thing for any internet based business no matter how big or small is traffic. Starting from scratch may seem like a daunting task especially when you chosen keywords are dominated by the big players, however all is not lost there are a number of ways to get traffic to your site and some of these wont cost you a penny.

OK what I'm talking about is article marketing but before i get into the details of that let me explain about how linking works. Links between websites are a fundamental part of the web. In fact without links the internet wouldnt exist. Linking can be between websites (external) or between web pages on the same site (internal links). The idea behind the link is to provide the visitor with easy access to relevant information that is contained on another page, and the big search engines love websites with lots of links, the way they look at it is if a website has a large number of links to it then it is considered important, the more important it is the higher the search engines like Google will rank it.

Historically reciprocal linking was considered the most beneficial way to raise the profile of your website, this involved swapping links with a site whose primarily subject was closely related to yours, this could take weeks to set-up as you need to contact the webmaster, swap links, decide on keywords (read on for keyword advice) and building up a large number of links could take months even years. Recently emphasis for search engines has moved away from reciprocal linking and more in favour of one more links, this is where a website links to you and your site doesn't link back.

So back to article marketing this is an easy free way to get one way links back to your website, there are a large number of article websites where you can post any article you want (just like this one), the search engines love article sites as there full of content (no pictures but plenty of text) and there continually changing, so post an article on one of these websites and it wont be long before the big search engines index your article and include it in there index's. Include in your article a link back to your website and hey presto you have an instant one way link to your website, yes this sounds so simple and in practise it is, just be careful to include your keywords in the link back to your website

The keywords used to link to your website are of absolute importance, its these keyphrases that search engines like google and yahoo will register against your site. When people search on google for a keyword its the text used to link to your site (as well as a whole host of other reasons) that google uses to produce the results. So always link back to your site using keywords that you want google to associate to your website

If your website is to do with ringtones for example then choose a keyword associated with it, e.g free ringtones, ring tones etc tec I'm sure you get the idea, then include a link back to your website from your article using this keyword, within a week or so you will see your article indexed by google and google attributing a nice one way link back to your website.

To conclude
1. Write an article , the article should really be associated to your site but as long as you can get your link in it doesn't matter
2. Include in your article a link back to your website, where ever possible use your choosen keyword
3. Post the article on a number of free article sites (just search on article sites on google)
4. Site back and wait as google index's your article and shows what appear to be a random list of single way links pointing to your site

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