Get To Know the Facts About Egyptian Cotton

By: Chriss Tyrrell

Get To Know the Facts About Egyptian Cotton

French champaign, Cuban cigars and Egyptian cotton. All of these are universally recognized as higher quality products but what is it that makes Egyptian cotton in particular so much a better product than other cottons. After all cotton is just cotton, or is it?

Egyptian Cotton and Thread Count

For years so much has been made about the thread count in cotton fabrics but is this the only key factor that separates one grade of cotton bed sheets from another? Also why is it that that a high thread count bed sheet made from Egyptian cotton is simply a much better product?

Egyptian Cotton Has Longer Fibers

Quite simply, it is the long fibers that Egyptian cottons are so well known for that makes the difference. No one is exactly sure why Egyptian cotton has such longer fibers but the fact is that they do. Perhaps it's a combination of genetics and climate factors that make the difference.

High Thread Count Requires Thinner Thread

You see, a very high thread count requires of course that the threads themselves be woven much thinner. It's just common sense that fat threads will take up too much room to weave into a fabric that has a very high thread count. While you can buy high thread count cotton fabrics made from other cottons, Egyptian cotton makes the best.

There Is a Big Difference In Cottons

This is because high thread count non-Egyptian cotton fabrics made from shorter cotton fibers have their shortfalls. For instance, because the fibers are shorter they tend to shed more lint and can tend to break in badly. In short the more they are used and washed the worse they become.

They Get Better With Wear and Time

On the other hand, due to the long fibers in Egyptian cotton, the fabrics made from them tend to break in and wear so much better. In short they last considerably longer and their surfaces tend to become smoother the more they are washed and used.

The Feel Of Egyptian Cotton Fabrics

In fact, because Egyptian cotton has such long fibers, fabrics made from them tend to be woven so much tighter. This is the reason why a fine, high count Egyptian cotton set of sheets or item of clothing can in fact feel a little stiff when it is first taken out of the package.

Egyptian Cotton Fabrics Improve With Age

Not to worry though, because all that it takes is a good washing and it will begin to loosen up and will become even more soft and pliable after subsequent washings or dry cleanings. You see, like a fine wine Egyptian cottons only improve with age and can easily last for years if properly cared for.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for HomeCottons - purveyors of Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen. Visit their website for more details.

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