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By: John Morris

Kids bedding does not have to be a boring and dull thing. There are many ways of improving your kids bedding in such a way that your kids will not just look at their bedrooms as places to sleep. There are so many different ways and themes of baby bedding and kids bedding presently on the market. But, you donít have to go through it one by one. Rather than deluging yourself with all the choices available, why not think first of the theme you want for your kids bedding?

1. Theme

The theme of your kids bedding should match the room of your children. At the same time, pick a theme that your kids would love too. Oftentimes, getting a kid to sleep in his or her own bed is a difficult thing to do. Therefore, the theme of the kids bedding should make them feel that the room is theirs, a place that they want to come home to. Kids bedding themes vary in the market. There are many themes you can choose from. Some themes focus on simple color coordination. Others are more gender specific such as flowers or toy cars. Let your children know that you are buying kids bedding for them. They might help you pick the bedding they want. Also, when choosing kids bedding, do remember that most children want to have the latest childrenís movie in their bedding. This may, however, prove to be costly and exhausting task. At the average, there is a new childrenís movie every six or less months. Unless, you donít want to change the bedding look every six months, this task can be daunting. Instead of having the latest movie as kids bedding, why not use popular TV shows or cartoons that run longer or seem to last forever, like Sesame Street.

2. Age

Take into consideration not only your child's present age, but his future tastes as well. For example, a three-year-old child may like Teletubbies for his or her kids bedding, but what happens when he or she turns a year older or two? Chances are the Teletubbies bedding would be discarded soon enough before its maximum usability.

3. Designs

You might prefer bedding with a coordinated color pattern than bedding with some characters from a cartoon series or show. In fact, there are many available patterns of color in the market. Most of them are yellows, bright reds, blues for males, pinks, purples, pastels (for girls), flower-prints, dark colors, as well as animal prints that are gender-neutral. If you want to stick with cartoon characters, be sure that your kids would like your choice. The most popular characters this time are Rugrats, Spongebob Squarepants, and South Park, among others. Aside from the wide availability of various cartoon themes, toy themes are available too. Themes for girls include Barbie, Bratz, Mickey Mouse, and Kill Bill. Remember that there are also some themes that have disappeared a long time ago, but now have come back with a vengeance. Such examples include the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Goonies, and Friday The 13th.

4. Tips

- Remember that some bedding themes and styles are available only in certain sizes
- It might be wise if you ask your children for their three favorite colors and three favorite cartoons
- If the kids bedding you are choosing is not a gift it is a good idea to let your kids to select their own bedding
- If your child wets their bed regularly, a yellow sheet may help to conceal this from their friends

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