Get Rid of Beer Belly with Tummy Tuck Sydney

By: alextaylor

Many men and women go for strict diet regimes and punishing exercise routines to get into shape. However, unfortunately, they still do not good looking abs or flat stomach. For such people, Abdominoplasty is a revolutionary plastic surgery procedure that is designed to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal and stomach region. It is also known as tummy tuck.

The best results from tummy tuck can be achieved with people who don’t smoke. People having excessive fat and skin on the abdominal area are ideal candidates for this procedure. You should learn about the tummy tuck procedure, understand the risks that are involved, and have realistic expectations about the results of this procedure. There are numerous plastic surgery clinics available across the globe where tummy tuck procedure is performed. However, Australia is one the best places to undergo any type of cosmetic surgery. You should consider having tummy tuck Sydney, if you are residing in and around the city of Sydney. You will get some of the best facilities in Sydney.

Here are some of the common steps that are followed while undergoing tummy tuck process. Your plastic surgeon orders some lab tests to confirm that you are healthy before he actually performs the procedure. Your surgeon may ask you to stop taking certain type of medications and over-the-counter drugs a week or two before you undergo surgery. It is important that you avoid taking aspirin, and any kind of anti-inflammatory medicines two weeks before you have surgery as these medicines may increase bleeding. You should always properly communicate to your doctor regarding the medicines that you are taking.

After undergoing surgery, the incision(s) is/are normally covered with bandages, and you may be given a compression garment or may be wrapped in gauze to help keep the swelling down. A week or two after the tummy tuck Sydney procedure; you may need to have your stitches removed, although some doctors use sutures that dissolve on their own. This will change in about a week, although you may not be able to stand up completely after your operation. It is necessary for your incisions to heal. Your abdominal muscles may feel a little week as they recuperate from the operation. Make sure you listen to your body and follow your doctor's orders and post-operative instructions, although most patients can return to work after a week or two. Intercourse should be avoided for about two weeks post surgery. Mild exercise should be avoided for about three weeks.

Unfavorable scarring, excessive bleeding, skin loss, blood clots, numbness, anesthesia-related risks, swelling, skin discoloration, deep vein thrombosis, asymmetry, cardiac or pulmonary complications, nerve damage, and unsatisfactory aesthetic results are some of the risks and possible complications associated with tummy tuck. That is why it is so important finding tummy tuck doctor in Sydney, who has a license, board certification, expertise and experience to perform this procedure.

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