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For one thing, look at the website and what they are writing about the product. If the product is really good and they have used Einstein's brain to actually formulate much of the algorithm, they would not be shouting it out on a website with big red capital letters. And they will not be selling this masterful programme for an affordable sum of a few hundred dollars. If the potential of the product was in the tens of thousands, then the product would be worth nine thousand dollars and that would be the end of the argument.
Another thing, if someone promises you the world, tell him to give you a money back guarantee and this is the thing you should be looking out for. Look around the website and spot out for the famous air tight, iron clad, money back guarantee that should be part and parcel of any deal that is made with you. If there isn't one, then do not bother. What you are doing is throwing the money away into the wind and if you are going to do that, at least throw it in my direction so I can re invest that money on the open currency market.
Lastly, look at how the site is designed. One thing I try to teach people is to spot out sales copy that is trying too hard. This means you have pictures of some guy in a yacht or some guy in a nice car, or in a castle smoking a cigar while unmanning his enemy. Right. If that is the case, he doesn't need this website at all. Spot out the fake pictures and the running neon lights. There is usually a backdoor somewhere where all your money is going to spill into. This is a BIG BEWARE.
Last but not least, see the size of the download. If the Forex software is supposed to be some killer shark, whale beating, bear tackling and bull dismembering software that can tear apart the market and give you millions in a few seconds, question - why is this only 700KB? Is it even a zipped file? Is this a download installer than will bring in the big megabytes later. No. A download is a download, and this is a waste of time. So with these things, hopefully, you can spot a good Forex software the moment you look at the selling website and make the right decision.

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