Get Out of Debt with a Free Government Grant from Uncle Sam

By: Lindsy Emery

The recent economic stimulus has caused many problems for businesses and individuals alike. People who have lost jobs, or taken cutbacks in pay or hours worked, are having major problems because of having to buy necessities on credit. With price increases in goods and services, credit card companies are taking full advantage of the economic downturn by increasing interest rates. People who find themselves in the position of having to buy food, gas, school supplies, and other necessary items are charging those items and paying for them twice and three times through the charges credit card companies add to their bills for late payments, over-limit fees, and increased interest.

Obviously, Americans are tightening their belts as much as possible but you have to wonder where it will end. Some believe that the stimulus money didn't go far enough in fixing our problems but a little known fact is that that some of that money was set aside for people who have found themselves unable to survive in this economy. Grants are being given to those who qualify and you may be one of those who are eligible to receive much needed assistance.

Every year the government doles out money for various purposes. At this very precarious time in our history, you might want to think about applying for one of these grants to get your piece of the pie. Your tax dollars go into these grant subsidies and why shouldn't you get some of that back when you have a need?

The key to finding a grant that suits your unique situation is to search online until you unearth those that are specifically for people who have debt issues. In many cases, if you find the right grant, your debt can be erased. Obtaining a grant is not the same as applying for a loan. These grants are free. That's right! Absolutely free with no obligation on your part to pay back the money you have been given. It would feel wonderful, wouldn't it, to be able to start fresh?

When people get in over their heads with credit cards and loans, a solution that is often considered is bankruptcy. But you'd better not act too quickly. First, you have to have money to file bankruptcy and this just feathers the nest of your bankruptcy lawyer. As easy and it sounds, it also causes seven to ten years of problems for you, making it difficult to purchase a home or car or anything at all on credit. Before you consider bankruptcy get online and search for government grants. There are lists upon lists of grants that you may be eligible to receive. If you have no personal internet access, there are always computers at your local library that allow public access. Libraries also have reference books that will give you in depth information about the federal grants that our government offers.

You may be surprised to learn that sometimes you may find more than one grant that will fit your situation. If you do, just apply for as many as you find. The worst thing that can happen is you won't qualify for all of them. After you have been qualified you may have a check in your hand in as short a time as one to two weeks. You could soon be well on your way to being debt and worry free.

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