Get Out Of Debt Quickly-Live A New Life

By: Douglas Taylor..

You have probably realized that being is debt is a bad thing. I am sure you know that you should pay off your bills as fast as you can. But do you really know why? If you want to get out of debt quickly read on.
Constant Stress: Owing someone large amounts of money causes stress. Knowing you have to return it one day soon does not make for peaceful sleep especially when you can't afford to pay back the debt if the creditor came looking for it today. Constant stress is also bad for health. Not only are you ruining your financial future by staying in debt, you're also putting your health at risk,
No cash reserve: Having some money set aside can only hurt your debt situation. It makes it hard to be at peace with yourself. Most people that are deep in debt usually have either a very small or no savings account. You need to plan ahead. What if you were in an accident and suddenly found yourself owing the hospital a bunch of money. This situation is exactly what you want to avoid. This is one reason you want to get out of debt quickly.
You're owned by creditors: When you owe someone money, whatever you make or save is not yours. Every penny is owned by your creditors. That in itself is enough to take the joy out of your work, leaving you unsatisfied with your life and job.
The curse of interest: You're paying extra money in the form of interest. You may be paying off the minimum payment on your credit cards but that's useless if you're not paying any of the actual debt. Instead of paying off your debt, you're wasting precious money you could be saving by paying interest. It is always important to pay more than the minimum payment so you get some of the debt out of the way.
Living beyond your means: Debt may not be so bad if you are living on a budget, can always pay off your monthly bills and can still save some money. Most of the time this is not reality. Living beyond your means is one reason those credit card bills keep growing. When you are in debt that money you spend on monthly installments could be going into your savings account.
The number one reason to get out of debt is to be able to live within your means again and to better plan your finances so you never fall in the debt trap.

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