Get Only The Best Instructor To Hone Your Golfing Skills

By: Uriel Powers

Even with innate skill, perfecting the art of playing golf largely comes down to practice. In fact, this is true of any sport. So if you've developed a passion for golf the only way to hone your talent is to take lessons from a noted golf instructor.

With more people realising the benefit of playing sports, more instructors are setting up training centers. This is both good and bad as it means that in the midst of reliable instructors you'll find a few who're only out to make money. Don't waste precious time and get started honing your skill by choosing only the best your money can hire.

Approach a golf course – whether it's publicly-run, private or managed by your local government – as it's bound to have a few professionals willing to give lessons. Speak with someone you know who's taking golf lessons too. Go through the phonebook or scout online for local instructors. Bear in mind that you'll still have to interview whoever you've narrowed down even if it's someone who's made a name for himself. Each learner is different and you want a professional you can connect with.

Being a golf instructor isn't easy and involves more than mere qualification. He should have patience – as all students learn at different speeds – must be easy to communicate with, and should be eager to make you learn rather than help you spend your money. Remember, golf lessons are not always cheap and those that are may be given by less than competent instructors. Therefore, you should look to receive the best possible returns.

Two important points to note when selecting an instructor is that not all good golf players make great instructors. Conversely, some mediocre players turn out to be excellent teachers. The tips given here will help you make the right choice.

What to expect in golf classes

Expect theory (yes, you'll be taught some textbook info) covering the history of the sport, equipment information, equipment examination guidelines, risk of injury, how to minimise injury, what to expect out of golf physically, mentally and emotionally etc. Theory not only helps you appreciate the sport more but it acts as a connector between you and the instructor. It sets the ground for communication which we've already mentioned is important.

Once the basics of theory have been taught, practical lessons begin and both are combined during the course of the lesson plan. Experienced golfers will jump to advanced lessons to learn error correction and the finer details of the sport. Unlike with beginners, lessons don't last long because the basics have already been mastered.

A key area of learning golf is learning etiquette. This is more than just manners and has to do with safety and pace of play. The two make each game enjoyable and ensure that you're part of a growing group of people who appreciate it for what it is: an elegant, challenging sport that's been enjoyed for centuries.

Like all sports, golf is best learnt from a young age. However, there's no stopping adults from doing the same and it all boils down to determination and practice, more than anything. A competent teacher will help bring these two points to fruition which is why it's crucial that you don't take chances with golf instructors.

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