Get Great Skin With Proper Full-Body Exfoliation

By: aloevella

A brilliant, clear complexion that looks dewy and fresh all day long — that’s the dream, right? That’s why millions of women spend billions of dollars per year on the latest and greatest natural skin creams and anti aging skin care products. But what if you could make these products work even better for your skin?

The trick is to exfoliate properly. Your skin is made up of millions of cells, and is constantly regenerating new ones and letting the old ones die. Most dead cells simply fall off unnoticed, but if you notice your skin is dull, dry or calloused, that is the dead cells sticking around. With proper exfoliation, you can not only make your products work better — no more trying to work through the dead cells! — your skin’s appearance will improve.

Head to toe, here’s how to start. First, find a good quality body scrub. You can find them at many stores, and even in the places where you order your skin care products online. You want to find a separate scrub for your face; a face and body scrub can be used on your whole body, but body scrubs themselves should not be used on your face, as the skin on your body is thicker than that on your face, and the products’ granules or exfoliating beads may be too rough for your facial skin. You’ll want to exfoliate no more than once or twice a week to allow cells time to regenerate.

You’ll start from your feet up, taking care not to slip on the tile or tub if you exfoliate your feet. Dampen the skin with warm water to prevent irritation. Apply a small amount of body scrub to your hands, a small towel or a shower scrub brush. Buff the body by scrubbing in a circular pattern, moving up your legs and onto your torso and arms. Take care not to forget your knees, back, elbows and other places where dry skin remedies are necessary.

Once you’re done, rinse off with warm water, then continue on with your normal bathing routine — body wash, hair shampoos and conditioners, facial cleanser and shaving. The scrub removes dead cells so you can get a closer shave.

When you’re squeaky clean, use a fluffy towel to remove excess water, then apply a good moisturizing cream or other natural skin lotion while you’re still slightly damp — this ensures that the pores are open and more receptive to the moisturizers.

When it comes to your face, use your special face scrub and only use a soft face towel to apply it. Use the same circular motions you used earlier to rub down your face and neck, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Apply your face moisturizer when you’re finished.

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