Gemoro Goldsmiths Jewelry Repair Review

By: Mel Joelle

It was about two years ago when the dainty gold filigree bracelet I inherited from my grandmother got snagged on my sweater and the clasp was ripped from the actual bracelet. I can still remember the gut-wrenching knot that formed in the pit of my stomach. I absolutely loved this bracelet! Sure, it could be repaired but how well could it be repaired? Would it ever look the same? It was an expensive bracelet but its real value was of the sentimental kind. I couldn't trust just anyone to repair it.

A friend of mine referred me to GemOro Goldsmith, located at the West Edmonton Mall. Not only did she swear by their expert repair work but she knew others whom had the same great service. I worried that I would be the exception to all these positive reviews so I checked out GemOro Goldsmith's website ( Just by their website, I could tell they weren't some rinky-dink jeweller. Their website appeared very professional! It was clear that they were very serious about their profession so, I took the leap and decided to trust them with my heirloom.

Before I knew it, my bracelet was repaired and I was asked to pick it up. Wow, I can't even begin to describe how nervous I was while I waited for the jeweller to hand me the bracelet. I'll be completely honest with whomever is reading this (as I would want complete honesty for any matter like this): my grandmother's bracelet looked brand new! I could not even tell where the clasp had been ripped from the actual bracelet. I blinked my eyes hard. With the jeweller's help, I put the bracelet on and held my wrist up to admire the workmanship that had been performed on the clasp. The clasp was on there, just as secure and seemless as the day my grandmother first received the bracelet!

Quality jewellers are hard to find. Don't trust just anyone. Do your research, get reviews and make comparisons. The workmanship at Gemoro Goldsmith is unsurpassed by any that I've seen yet.

Now, good workmanship is the most important part when choosing a jeweller but price is close up there in the ranking. GemOro's rates are definitely competitive! I compared their rates to the rates of other jewellers in the area and hands down, GemOro was the better deal.

Out of four stars, I would give Gemoro four stars for workmanship, four stars for their friendly service, and five stars for their competitive rates! (Okay. So, five stars wasn't really an option but just so that you get my point!)

If you're anything like me, you want your jewellery to be in tip-top shape. Once a piece of jewellery is ruined, it's hard to fix and if someone is able to work some magic and fix it, it may never be the same. Don't trust just any jeweller with your jewellery. You may regret it! Trust GemOro and I can promise that you won't regret your decision.

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