Gemoro Goldsmith Customer Support

By: Mel Joelle

GemOro Goldsmith recognizes that the company is only as good as its customer service. If the company provides quality products from nearly every major designer and then provides poor customer service, they will not sustain quality clientele. GemOro Goldsmith strives to provide every avenue for consumers to receive the best service from the company. GemOro Goldsmith’s goal is to serve the consumer in the best manner possible.

What defines good customer service? When customers enter a store, the sales people should greet the consumer with a warm smile and display a willingness to assist the customer. Based upon the dialogue, trained sales people will ascertain the consumer’s needs and recommend items that best match the consumer’s needs. Sales people have an extensive knowledge of each designer in the store and can provide a certain level of detail about the designer and the item that other sales people may not be able to provide.

Not only are the sales people knowledgeable, but they listen. They are not just about the sale. They focus on meeting the customer’s needs. Often jewelry selection is an emotional process. Experienced sales people can guide consumers through the emotional aspect, while also focusing on the practical aspects like budget and quality of the item. GemOro Goldsmith can offer suggestions and assist with the jewelry selection process.

GemOro Goldsmith knows diamonds and exquisite luxury items. The company can provide their customers with a brief tutorial regarding the luxury item consumers are seeking. Consumers purchasing a diamond may receive a refresher course about the four Cs: Cut, clarity, color and carat. With watch purchases, sales people may explain the differences in the manufacturers. GemOro Goldsmith goes above and beyond to delineate the company from the competition.

Once the customer purchases the item, the relationship with the customer does not end there. GemOro Goldsmith will also be available if the customer has problems with the item or need resizing, exchanges or repair. For instance, the purchase of an engagement ring may require resizing or resetting after presenting the diamond to a significant other. Alternatively, consumers may need a link added or removed from a new luxury watch. The company offers all of these services as a part of an effort to provide quality customer support to the customer.

To reach us for any jewelry needs, contact us by phone or by coming into the store. Regardless of the mode of contact, the company will provide the customer with the same level of quality service that is offered inside the store. GemOro Goldsmith recognizes that the customer has choices. The company prefers loyal customers. Therefore, the jeweller will make every effort to accommodate any jewelry needs. Friendly and knowledgeable customer support representatives are ready to serve.

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