Gazebos Offer Backyard Vacations

By: Kathy Moran

Although !a href=''>gazebos have steadily increased in popularity over the past several years, they are now experiencing a major population explosion, as thousands more are appearing in backyards every day. The main cause for the record numbers of gazebo sales can be traced to the record numbers posted at gas stations. This may at first seem illogical, as one would suppose that all of the money we’re pumping out for fuel would prohibit most people from extravagant spending. Upon further consideration, however, the rationale becomes clear, as the advantages afforded by a gazebo are so numerous that owning one is no longer a luxury. Moreover, while this has been the case for quite awhile, as modern gazebos are much more than simple yard ornaments, it is now truer than ever. In fact, they may be among the best weapons available to foil the effects that the exorbitant prices are having on our lifestyles. For example, one of the most outstanding consequences of the current crunch is that it has caused millions to alter or even cancel their travel and vacation plans. At the same time, no one is willing to forfeit all of the fleeting pleasures of the summer months. Therefore, people who are sticking closer to home this year are exploring the possibilities and potentials of their own backyards, and looking for creative ways to exploit them. In their searches, many have discovered that gazebos fit perfectly into this scheme, as they are now available with an incredible number of options, which allows them to serve a multitude of purposes. Instead of having them simply as decorative outdoor structures, more people are equipping them with electricity, plumbing, and other amenities, and turning them into vacation cottages, summer houses, and guest houses for out-of-town visitors. In one of the fastest-growing trends, those longing for super-soothing respites are installing hot tubs in their gazebos, and creating private backyard spas. The best part is that, no matter how dressed-up a gazebo is, it’s not a frivolous indulgence. In fact, the more extras it has, the more practical it becomes. Besides installing screens to keep the bugs out in the summer, people are putting in insulation and double-paned windows and using their gazebos year-round, as home offices, studies, entertainment rooms, workout rooms, and much more. If you’re seeking new ways to get the most out of your backyard, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to use one drop of gasoline in your quest. Just go to and choose from their huge collection of treated pine, cedar, and vinyl gazebos that are designed to withstand the harshest weather for decades. At, you can customize your own gazebo in a few steps, by selecting the material, size, and style that you want, then choosing from dozens of options, including different types of flooring, decorative railings, wiring, ceiling fans, cupolas, roofing materials, and several colors of shingles. You can create as many gazebos as you wish, save them to your personal gallery, and change them any time you like. Visit today and have the ultimate vacation spot delivered right to your backyard. To contact a design consultant or customer service professional, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail [email protected].

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