Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS - How Does it Work?

By: Selyna D.

Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers are one of the hottest new technologies on the market today, and the discount Garmin nuvi 760 GPS is one of the hottest individual units available. The purpose of the GPS is to allow users to pinpoint their own location on the globe, to pinpoint other locations, and to provide directions from one point to another. The most common functions users perform are securing real-time driving directions between two points and locating points of interest.
The GPS consists of satellites and receivers. The 24 satellites send signals to the receivers on the ground, which calculate their own locations (with an average accuracy of within 15 meters). To plot a two-dimensional location (latitude and longitude), the receiver needs to be able to read signals from three satellites. With the information from four or more satellites, a three-dimensional location can be determined.
The 24 satellites that make up the GPS were originally placed into orbit by the United States government to provide information supporting military operations around the globe. The government opened the system to civilian use (without cost) in the 1980s. Today companies sell a wide variety of GPS receivers that provide navigation. Many models, such as the discount Garmin nuvi 760 GPS, perform many other functions as well.
The GPS satellites are designed to orbit the earth twice each day. Their paths have been carefully mapped so that they work together to cover the globe with signals. As they continue on their orbits, the signals they send are picked up by the receiver units on the ground. The signals, although powerful, can only travel by line of sight. This means that they travel freely in a straight line that is unimpeded by solid objects like buildings or mountains.
The signals sent by the satellites are constantly being read by the receivers on the ground. The receivers compare the precise time they receive each satellite's signal to the time the signal left the satellite. This tells the receiver how far it is from the satellite. Using this information and the signals from other satellites, the receiver is able to determine its precise position on the globe.
When the satellites and receiver have worked together to pinpoint the location of the receiver unit, they can also perform other functions that are valuable to users on the ground. These functions might include calculating the receiver's bearing, speed, time and distance to destination, and more. The discount Garmin nuvi 760 GPS is one unit that can perform each of these functions, as well as others.
The GPS satellites function 24 hours a day in all weather conditions and in all countries around the world. They travel in an orbit approximately 12,000 miles above the earth and operate on solar power with backup battery power. Small rocket boosters are attached to each satellite to keep it on the correct orbital path.
Although the satellites function virtually all of the time, there are situations in which it is more difficult to read the signal or calculate position. In some of these situations?such as when a signal bounces off of buildings or rock formations the signal's travel time is affected. Another difficult situation is when the GPS receiver's clock does not show the same time as the satellite's atomic clocks. Both of these situations affect the accuracy of the location calculations.
The discount Garmin nuvi 760 GPS receiver has twelve parallel receiving channels, which allows it to calculate precise information easily. With twelve channels, the unit reads multiple satellite signals simultaneously, allowing it to quickly determine the user's location. They also make it easier for the unit to stay connected to satellite signals in challenging areas like cities with skyscrapers or areas dense with tall trees.
GPS technology is certain to retain its popularity, and perhaps even to gain more popularity in the coming years. As the technology continues to evolve, GPS units will become more advanced as well, and new uses for it will be found. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

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