Garment Label Types And Quality Differences

By: Gen Wright

Clothing labels must not be handled as common parts of textile, for they are not. A high-quality clothing label is utilised in order to relay a strong message or build a distinct manufacturer impression. It can attract the attention of your customers or even elicit a confident response from them. Garment labels can be utilised to illustrate a product or make brand identity. Companies use garment labels for different reasons.

Uses of Clothing Labels

A clothing label is commonly utilised in order to communicate or relay essential information in order to the target market. Specially, it is utilised to inform consumer about the kinds of the core components that were used in producing the products as well as information and particular instructions for the care of the garment. Some garment producers use labels in order to create on a beneficial and unique identity. Companies may also have the option of generating customized item of clothing labels to serve a distinct purpose.

It is important to note that the garment label, its entire design, symbol, style and workmanship, can function as the measure of the overall quality of the item. Thus, it should be taken severely by corporations.

Garment Label Types

There are 5 most important kinds of clothing labels.

Woven Clothing Labels - As the name implies, this type of clothing label is woven using polyester or pure cotton threads. Woven clothing labels is ideal for those using intricate and detail design and style. It is also the kind of clothing label with the lowest setup cost. Woven labels can also be used in different sections of the clothing because of their high level of flexibility. Majority of the high street and marquee brands have preferred woven labels as these can be placed even in the most unlikely places. This clothing label kind has also been known for having unmatched consistency when it comes to quality primarily because of the manner by which these labels are created as well as its high production rate.

Embroidered Garment Labels - This type of garment label has a several things in common with woven labels. For instance, the same core material is used, which may be rayon or silk cotton thread, and also manner by which they are woven is additionally similar. However, the threads applied to this type of garment labels are generally thicker by as much as five times the ones used in woven labels. In regards to consistency, it is normally lower than that of the woven labels.

Leather Clothing Labels - This sort of label is known for its strength and suppleness. Leather labels are the epitome of prestige and unmatched quality of the brand. Authentic leather garment labels provide bright colors. It is also less consistent compared to woven garment labels. Designs and symbols on leather labels are typically debossed or embossed.

Rubber/PVC Garment Labels - PVC or rubber labels are generally used in adventure wear and sportswear. Their natural toughness and moisture resistance are the primary reason why it is the preferred label in these types of apparel.

Printed Garment Labels - As the name implies, this type of garment label is directly printed on the garment. It has relatively the same feel as woven garment labels. Nevertheless, it is less durable and is usually used for the garment's care label. It is a low cost garment label and is the ideal choice for what is referred to as fast fashion.

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