Garage & Roller Door Melbourne Tips To Maintain Your Garage And Roller Doors

By: Jeffrey M Chen

Garage and roller doors consist of many parts that are responsible for smooth movement of the door every time you enter or leave the garage. These doors contain rollers that are vital for its functioning. Without proper maintenance, some serious safety issues might arise that put you and your vehicles in danger. All it takes to counter hazards is a bi-annual check up which will probably consume one hour each. Taking this time and putting in some effort will make sure that your rollers and all the tracks are functioning perfectly.

Check the Roller Tracks Regularly

This is the first step to garage and roller door maintenance. The tracks, which are laid to allow the rollers to slide in and out, form the most important part of the garage door system. In case the track is bent or crooked, additional pressure falls on the rollers and reduces their efficiency and smoothness.

When you check the tracks, look for misalignment. This is not a serious problem and can be fixed easily by just reinstalling the mounting screws after straightening out the tracks. If the track is bent, you can use a set of pliers to push it back to place. Additionally, check for any grime or dust on the tracks and make sure you clean them thoroughly to keep the entire system efficient. Cleaning the tracks can be done more regularly to keep the door in optimum condition.

In order to clean the tracks, all you need is a petroleum lubricant spray and a wire brush. The spray which acts as a solvent must be sprayed first and then the track must be brushed clean. In case there is any excess oil, all you need to do is wipe it off with a cloth.

Maintenance of the Rollers

Most rollers come with a steel wheel and ball bearing inserts. With regular usage, the wheel gathers debris. This makes the wheels jam up and become stiff. To avoid this condition, you must first ensure that every single roller is free from any dust accumulation. To remove the grime, all you need is a wire brush. You must brush each roller clean and then spray them with a lubricant generously. This also makes sure that the ball bearings and the steel wheels move smoothly. If there is any excess oil, simply wipe it away with a cloth.

To make sure that your maintenance regime is successful, operate your garage and roller door a couple of times. If there is no jerk in the movement, you can be assured that your roller door is operating properly. If you have an automatic roller door, the maintenance activities also include checking the sensors and the remote frequently. With automatic doors, you require professional assistance for better results.

Maintenance of the garage roller door is a very important activity as several accidents may be avoided by maintaining it. In most cases, jammed doors or improperly functioning systems have caused damage to vehicles and have also resulted in severe injuries. To keep yourself safe, all you need is a few hours of clean up and maintenance.

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