Gamut Of An Advertising Agency

By: Jason Angelo Rego

Advertising is an exciting field. It is a great combination of creativity and marketing. An advertising agency has to maintain the right balance between creativity and marketing. 'Brand' is the most important term for an advertising professional. It is the alpha and the omega of such a world. Agencies work alongside clients very closely, to understand their needs and then analyze the market to come up with an engaging strategy to portray the right image. The manner in which the consumer perceives the brand is of utmost importance. It is this perception that is eventually going to generate revenue for the company.

Every business requires advertising, irrespective of it dealing with products or offering services. Advertising converts these generic products or services into brands. The process starts with understanding both, the brand as well as the consumers. An advertising agency is expected to create a strong brand personality, which can be identified by the end users. The brand has to sell itself based on the features and benefits. Slowly, but steadily a strong relationship will be created between the consumer and the brand, if he derives value out of it. Advertising agencies in Mumbai, London, Tokyo, New York or any other major city of the world strive hard to break the clutter. Consumers are bombarded with a lot of products, which have more or less similar features and benefits. The price difference between them is also very negligible. In such a scenario, advertising builds a strong connect, between the brand and the consumer, which forces the end user to opt for his brand over the others. The brand needs to stand out to break the clutter. It is the ‘out of the box’ thinking that leads to create path breaking advertising campaigns, which captivate the consumer. Once the consumer purchases the brand, then it is all about maintaining the relationship.

Leading advertising agencies in Mumbai and other major cities offer integrated marketing services. They cover the entire gamut of advertising like direct marketing, sales promotion, creating advertisements across various platforms, engaging consumers via social media etc. There are agencies who offer all services and there are agencies that specialize in a particular domain. Generally, agencies can be classified into three categories- generic, specialized and in-house. Generic agencies carry out all kinds of advertising related activities. Specialized agencies cater to a niche audience. They have in-depth knowledge of their field. Huge companies have in-house advertising departments. It doesn't matter whether you are a small company or a huge multinational one, advertising is something, which you cannot live without.

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Jason Rego has worked for the best advertising agencies across the globe. His expertise lies in understanding the consumer behavior and developing strategies, accordingly.

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