Fussy Baby? Test These 5 Tips

By: Wheezie Hamonds

All babies can be a little ornery from time to time, but sometimes enough is enough!

I appreciate just what you mean...

As a Health Care provider for women, I see many new Mothers feeling very exasperated with a little one that can be really fussy. After you have comforted, fed, then changed your little one, here are a number of additional hints to help you with a fussy baby.

Ok, enough hype... here are 5 tips to help relax your fussy baby.

1. First off, the space you are in should be as dark and quiet as possible. Turn off digital devices near you and try resting while holding your child. It is quite possible that they are wound up by their surroundings and just needa time out.
2. Place your infant on her belly on your chest or lap (but not for sleep!). A slightly warm towel or washcloth can feel very comforting to your baby. Never ever keep the newborn on their stomach for prolonged periods without you present. You should only do this if you are in close proximity watching your child! The pressure on the belly of your child can be calming..
3. Swaddling your newborn can be incredibly effective as well. Babies tend to feel relaxed while swaddled because it reminds them of the womb.
4. Partaking in repetitive actions while still in your arms can comfort. Try rocking back and forth in a rocking chair or bouncing slightly on top of your bed could have a very relaxing outcome.
5. Now and again a long car ride can be exactly what your baby needs to calm down and get some break. (I and so many of my patients have driven for hours on end so that our babies might find a little break). The movement of the vehicle as well as the monotonous sounds can do wonders for helping your baby acquire some break.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 suggestions to help relax your fussy baby. It certainly can be stressful... I know that from experience...

...with just a little endurance you will have no difficulty calming the little baby.

Check back soon for even more suggestions and hints for new parents to help sooth your baby at www.yourfunnybabys.com.

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