Funding Your Business with Grant Money

By: J.Mariah Brown

Government grants are heavily underutilized, but are an invaluable resource for those hoping to obtain business funding"especially since the passing of the Recovery Act, which released Stimulus money. Grants vary by amount, ranging from a couple thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The critical mistake many business owners make is discounting grants that may be in smaller amounts, as insignificant. The fact is, your competitor could be a business that received $20,000 in grant money last year. While this is not a life-changing amount of money, which companys bottom line is immediately strengthened? Certainly not yours if you did not take the initiative to apply. Doing nothing gives your competitors an advantage. Who doesn't like free money?
You have probably been bombarded by companies offering to find grants and apply for them for a "nominal" fee"but these services are simply unnecessary. The government actually wants to give away this money to help strengthen the economy, so information pertaining to these grants is available and free to the public.
The first thing you need to know about applying for government grant funding is that your odds are strengthened with numbers. Submitting several applications at once is the best way to ensure that funding from government grants is obtained. Apply to all that is applicable to your business"especially the obscure ones. These grants are commonly overlooked by all demographics, but are extremely underutilized by female business owners in particular. Nearly half of all monies designated for female entrepreneurs in 2008 went unclaimed.
The government wants to give you money!
There are 26 federal grant-making agencies, all of which offer a multitude of grants each year. Grants are categorized and rewarded by the following segments:
Agriculture Business and Commerce Consumer Protection Education Energy Food and Nutrition Housing Information and Statistics Law, Justice and Legal Services Science and Technology and other Research and Development Recovery Act Community Development Disaster Prevention and Relief Employment, Labor and Training Environment Health Humanities Arts Income Security and Social Services Natural Resources Regional Development Transportation

At first glance it may appear that the selection of available grants that your business may be eligible for is limited. The key is to look beyond the obvious. The fact is, a large number of grants are overlooked each year, and the money is not used. Looking for, and applying to the most obscure grants can often be your ticket to obtaining funding. Given that you have properly filled out the form, if you are the only person who applies for a grant, you win!
Remember, do not be discouraged if you only receive one grant from your first 10 applications. This is free money that you did very little to obtain, and it also means that it will be easier to obtain government funding in the future. Once you have your first grant, and have proven that you will use the money wisely to expand your business and stimulate the economy, you may actually be personally invited back to apply for other grants in the future. Obtaining grant money is a slippery slope, of sorts"once you get the ball rolling, nothing can stop you! Learn more about grant funding for your business
, including the best time to apply, various application methods, search techniques and the application process.

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