From Metrosexual to Menís Grooming Ė An Organic Exploration!

By: Lucy Newman


If youíve not heard this word, you will very soon hear. Check out your local menís grooming magazine, Iím sure you would find this word somewhere written in it. There is nothing to feel offensive about this word ďMetrosexualĒ. If you want to look more professional in your office just for a salary hike or want to catch your lady colleaguesí eyes, then you should not be feeling embarrassed about this. So far as males are concerned, there's a real science to grooming for success. Name it Metrosexual Science, if you must use the contemporary jargons. British satirist Mark Simpson invented the vocabulary "metrosexual" in 1994 just to describe a new and exotic section of young men featured in Calvin Klein underwear ads. Metrosexual is a movement like Hippie Movement began in 1960ís United States. Letís not get much into this. Metrosexual movement has much been used in product promotions as most of the cosmetics companies in the world has a number of products especially for menís grooming.

Menís Grooming

You may be a little bit casual when grooming matters, but there is some work left to do to make the best out of yourself. For beginners, washing means splashing water around on your face. Just splashing water several times on your face wonít help your face glow. Use facial cleansers perfectly matched to your skin type to deep-cleansing your skin. Then you can trim or shave any beard or moustache and removing any stray hairs on your face. The process goes and mostly depends on your time, money and requirements. With food prices high on the rise, pockets are running lighters during this recession, it's not so easy to pay more for organic choices, and so far menís grooming is concerned.
It should not be surprising fact for you, if you find organic body care products in your friendís shelf. Men are spending as much time as women do in grooming themselves. Standing in front of the mirror, from plucking to shaving or enjoying for hours in a sensuous steam bath or applying sunscreen before leaving out for office, the whole world of men's grooming, with all its essential and appealing beauty products is now a newly explored market for both non-organic and organic cosmetics companies, with many manufacturers investing millions of pounds in glitzy advertisements. Cosmetics manufacturers have come up with equal range of menís grooming products as they offer for women.

Shaving is one of the must have grooming activity for men. If you do not sport a beard then you may shave several times in a week. Some prefer using electric shavers, some even go to gentís parlours and some try out razors in their toilet. Lee Daviesís web store offers quite a good variety of organic shaving gel that uses cypress, thyme, lavender, aloe vera, olive oil, geranium, clove oil and grapefruit, all produced from certified organic plant sources. This unique combination of herbal extracts enables the product to soften the hair shafts, prevent razor burn, soothe condition and protect the skin.
Green People - Organic Shave Kit

For the man in your life who likes the finish of a wet shave, this stylish gift set has all he needs. A face wash that softens the hair in preparation for shaving, a gel that lifts the hair for the ultimate close shave and to finish a cooling, hydrating moisturiser which soothes irritated skin.

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