Freshwater Pearl Jewelry for Special Occasions

By: Gen Wright

Christmas is just round the corner. For such special occasions, you are probably wondering what type of jewelry to wear for upcoming social functions. Perhaps you are invited to a Christmas party at your friend's house, or perhaps you have planned for a romantic evening with your spouse. Whatever the event, you want to be wearing something special and unique.

Freshwater pearl jewelry may just be what you are looking for. There are many reasons why you should consider freshwater pearl jewelry. Most freshwater pearls are cultured pearls. In other words, there are produced with human intervention. In ancient times, pearls are found in natural oyster pearls. The process of pearl hunting is very tedious, and can even be dangerous at times. Therefore, pearls in the olden days are very rare and very valuable.

Fortunately, with a way to produce cultured pearls, pearls are no longer expensive. They can be highly affordable, and cost a fraction of the price of traditional pearls. This is great news for anyone with a budget concern. In addition, such pearls also tend to be more popular during economic downturns.

There are a wide variety of freshwater pearl jewelry available in the market. This is partly due to the simple and beautiful appearance of the pearl. Being round with a radiant glow, pearls make the ideal companion for any chain or ring. Hence, you can expect to find all sorts of pearl jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, finger rings, etc.

Pearls can come in many different colors - white, black, gold, silver, cream, and so on. This makes it easy for anyone to match them with any type of style. For example, if black is fashionable, black shiny pearls are readily available. If designer bags with golden buckles is in style now, perhaps a pair of golden pearl earrings will match such bags. The combinations are almost infinite. So the wearer has more freedom to express one's own tastes.

Because of the way pearls are produced, the surface always appear to be radiating some form of glow naturally. This is because all pearls start out by having some kind of irritant in a pearl oyster. The pearl oyster finds the unwanted irritant so irritating that it secretes a layer of liquid it to cover it up. The oyster continues cover it with additional layers until the pearl appears to be of considerable size.

Therefore, there is always a translucent quality on pearls that make them look elegant and classy. And since they are also simple looking with a smooth surface and one color, there is also a hint of innocence. Due to such qualities, a piece of pearl jewelry has the ability to enhance the look of its wearer so that she looks more desirable.

For these reasons, always keep a few pieces of pearl jewelry in your jewelry box for special occasions.

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