Fresh flavored coffee in the morning - espresso coffee vs coffee maker coffee

By: Marc Vince

Mornings could never feel the same without the sweet flavor of coffee. The ritual of the modern early birds more often than not includes a cup of espresso coffee, decaf coffee or, for bio addicts, green coffee. While it is common knowledge that the espresso coffee is much more concentrated than the regular type, lighter variants such as the decaf coffee, the green coffee or the foamy cappuccino are enjoying greater popularity.
Coffee maker coffee: green coffee vs. decaf coffee
It is common for a coffee maker machine to be found in households, as a cup of coffee in the morning is part of a daily routine. Apart from the classical espresso coffee, a new trend has thus been flourishing lately: the green coffee.
Green coffee- the morning addiction which helps you lose weight
The green coffee extract has been advertised lately as a main agent in diets, a wonder fat burner. The benefits of green coffee are therefore double, as not only does it perform miracles for the weight loss process, but it also keeps you in the same state of alert as regular coffee. The green coffee is rich in antioxidants, which help the metabolism process food faster and more efficiently.
But what is green coffee actually? Well, the answer is quite simple and intuitive: the green coffee beans are beans which have not been roasted yet. They maintain their properties and fulfill their antioxidant function better. The main ingredient is the chlorogenic acid contained in green coffee, which accelerates the metabolism and helps the body handle blood sugar.
Decaf coffee- the taste that never fails you
Conceived in order to eliminate caffeine from the actual beverage, decaf coffee is the best option for people suffering from certain medical conditions, including high blood pressure and arrhythmia. However, you should note that decaf coffee will always contain coffee residuals. For this reason, medical authorities suggest that you drink decaf coffee with caution, especially when dealing with heart diseases or other types of disorders. And, moreover, even if the decaf coffee has a low concentration of caffeine, it can still lead to addiction.
Basically, recent research showed that decaf coffee is not the equivalent of a caffeine-free beverage, but rather of a lower amount of caffeine. However, decaf coffee still remains a good option whenever in the mood to enjoy the exquisite taste, without accelerating blood pressure.
Espresso coffee- the tough Italian taste

The concentrated version of regular coffee, the espresso coffee is prepared due to the action of boiling water over coffee beans. The espresso coffee is richer in caffeine and there is no standard technique involved in it preparation. Espresso coffee goes back to the late XIXth century, 1884, to be more specific, when Angelo Moriondo turned the infamous espresso coffee in a spreading trend. The espresso coffee we all know and drink is mostly associated with cafes and public places, where the needed equipment is much more recurrent. However, true enthusiasts own a coffee maker machine which produces espresso coffee from all types of beans, including green coffee, black coffee and even cappuccino or latte.
Be it decaf coffee, green coffee, espresso coffee, latte, coffee cocktails or other type of caffeine beverage, the trend is here to stay. We live in a society which is constantly on the go, so, once in a while, take your time and enjoy a soothing cup of coffee. Control your weight with a green coffee. Forget the rush hour with an espresso coffee. Take care of your health with a decaf coffee. Simply enjoy coffee!

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