Freelance Work: What Exactly is Freelance Work?

By: Barry Walls

Many people may not realize exactly what freelance work is, it can easily be defined as a job in which you work on a part time basis with no long term commitments on the part of the employer or employee. The best time to do freelance work is when the economy isn't doing so well or when employers get overwhelmed and need additional short term manpower like around holidays for example.
Something as simple as dog walking can often produce good financial rewards. Naturally, most people can walk a dog but how many would think of offering that service on a freelance, paid-for basis?
Al l you have to do is look at the type of menial tasks people are willing to do for charity purposes to find inspiration on the type of jobs you could do as a freelancer. You just have to brainstorm about what types of jobs that people dislike doing themselves and would rather pay someone else to do the job for them. Driveways need swept, gardens need weeded, hedges could always use a good trimming, garages are infamous for needing a good cleaning, houses need tidied up, cars need washed, brass needs to be polished, etc. The list of menial tasks that you could as a freelance worker to earn a nice income are almost as limitless as your imagination.
A major benefit of the vast majority of domestic tasks is that they are recurring. Sweep the drive on Monday and the chances are it will need doing again on Wednesday. Weed the garden on Sunday, next Sunday it will need doing again. It is this general nature of most freelance work that makes it such a successful option for most people to add to or even replace their income.
You probably have skills that could translate well into doing freelance work: Do you know another language well enough to tutor others in it for money? Can you write well? Are you good at woodworking? Do you know how to repair or shingle roofs? Do you have any auto repair skills? All it takes for you to sit down and figure out what skills, knowledge, and abilities you have to offer to someone to get freelance work.
Freelance work is doing work that someone else would rather pay you to do than do it themselves. The more specialized your skill, the easier it will be for you to find consistent employers. A common skill that just about everyone has is the ability to write and if you can write well even better. One of the easiest jobs to get as a freelancer is writing. There's no denying that now more than ever writing is all around us. There are not too many places that you can look where you won't find something that has words on it; even on your favorite food container you will find writing.
Most magazines and newspapers rely heavily on freelance writers for their content. Do you think that you would have a shot at seeing some of your content in print if you submitted it? If you worked hard on the piece and ensured that it was of the highest quality and was relevant to the newspaper or magazine you submitted it to, don't you think they would pay you to write more for them?
The fact is freelance workers will always be needed and there will always be someone willing to pay you, why not start now and make some extra money?

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