Freedom From the Office: Discovering How to Work at Home

By: Carl Orlafski

The economy today is not like it used to be. People could always earn a little extra money playing the stock market. Some players were so blessed with good fortune that they could leave their jobs and make the Wall Street game their only means to a comfortable living. All they had to do was pick the right stocks. Anyone who has read the financial page lately will realize Ďtis folly to even think about this any more.

It would be nice to return to the days of yesteryear, but that is not reality. The day to day grind at the office is pretty much the word these days to support yourself and your family. Children are costly, food is costly, housing is costly and none of it is going down in price.

Wouldnít it be nice though not to have to answer to anyone else? We talk to our coworkers all the time about how nice it would be if we could be our own boss, or win the lottery. Well itís highly unlikely that many of us will ever win the lottery, but with online business booming the way it is we could become our own boss.

People across the country are finding freedom from the office. Online business is booming and those who are tired of the office scene and working long hours away from their kids are starting to use this to their advantage. Conducting business or purchases online is fast, easy and convenient. This is part of why so many people shop online and use online search engines to find restaurants and services.

Creating your own online business sounds complicated, but with the tons of business software available and online tutoring, any motivated person can do it. Once the basics are learned, the potential for earning a substantial income is there. Think of the hordes of potential customers that are surfing the internet right now. All you need is a business that provides those hordes something they want or need and provide it better than anyone else.

Being your own boss is something that many of us would love to do. It would give us the freedom to choose our own hours so we never have to miss our childís ballet recital or a football game with the guys. We could have the option of working when it most convenient for us and schedule our work around everything else in our lives, not the other way around.

The luxury of never having to sit in a gray cubicle again is an outstanding notion for many of us and a huge motivating force. The good news is it no longer requires a rich uncle or a handsome trust fund to make that a reality. We donít even need to buy lottery tickets in the vain hope of supporting ourselves and our families away from the world of brick and mortar business.

The vast majority of us must work for a living, letís do it and be our own boss at the same time. Get the appropriate help and software and free yourself from the sterile cubicles of corporate America. For sure, life isnít what it was twenty years ago, and that is turning out to be a very positive thing, indeed.

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