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By: Glenn Hughes

Upper Quadrant, the makers of the marketing software UQube, a Marketing Performance Measurement solution, is releasing UQube TagIt as a standalone application. UQube TagIt is a cost-savings marketing software tool that manages requests and assignment of 800 numbers, landing pages (URLs), click tags, and promo codes.
UQube TagIt is a prerequisite to enable a CMO to answer the most critical questions such as: Are my marketing campaigns working?, What is driving campaign success?, and What is my return on marketing investment (ROMI)? UQube TagIt is the foundational building block and a one-of-a-kind application that enables a marketing department to streamline the campaign setup process. If more robust insights and vital answers are required for the tougher marketing questions, Upper Quadrant has a scaleable road map via our plug and play modularized solutions, states Bill Vance, Upper Quadrants Vice President of Sales.
Over the last seven years we have listened carefully to our customers, and we have found that the majority of Marketing Professionals have challenges setting up a campaign quickly, easily and with confidence, states Chris Senio, Upper Quadrants Vice President of Client Services. The process of setting up campaigns has many moving parts and relies on countless players inside (call centers and their web group) and outside (media vendors and advertising agencies) the organization. This complex scenario creates numerous opportunities for miscommunications and breakages. UQube TagIt aims to streamline this process and eliminate the headaches for marketing professionals whose time is spread thin and success depends on so many others.
UQube TagIt eliminates the numerous and chronic pitfalls a Marketing Executive or Channel Manager faces each and everyday, such as:
1) Dead Ends - The 800 number or landing pages are either not working or not setup correctly making it impossible for the prospective customer to order product;
2) Collisions - Multiple campaigns are inadvertently assigned to one response channel making it impossible to accurately gauge the success of an individual campaign;
3) Misdirected - An 800 number, affiliate code or promotional code assigned to a campaign does not work properly causing a prospective customer to abort the purchase;
4) Contingency Plan - Over dependence on one or two people within an organization who traffics 800 numbers, landing pages, or promotional codes leaving a Marketing Executive or Channel Manger at the complete mercy of the person managing the 800 numbers, landing pages, and promotional codes. What happens if the Trafficker goes on vacation, quits or God Forbid is sick?
UQube TagIt directly benefits product managers, media planners, media directors and marketing administrators; additional beneficiaries are call center managers, telecommunications administrators, and web designers. The value is immeasurable, states Chris Senio, UQube TagIt eliminates miscommunication, preserves historical usage, confirms proper campaign setup, and is the foundational module for calculating marketing ROI. If UQube TagIt catches just one human oversight the product has more than paid for itself.
Upper Quadrants marketing software powers some of the most sophisticated marketing analytics portals. For a list of Upper Quadrants marketing software solutions and the functionality of each module visit Upper Quadrant is releasing UQube TagIt on June 1st, 2009. As part of its release Upper Quadrant is offing a free 30 day trial to qualified clients at or call (571) 262-2589
For more information, or to schedule an interview with Chris Senio, contact Glenn Hughes at (571) 262-2589. Members of the Media will have a very easy interview. The press will be provided with a media kit, Q&A and Bio.
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