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Most smokers when they decided to kick that harmful habit, they have to go through what I called smoking cessation process. It is a hardship that they will face several times in their lives. During this painful journey, most of them have to study and use various tips and techniques with one goal that is to have a life from cigarettes and smoke.

Those smokers that have successfully kick their dreadful habits may have heard of smoking nicotine patches. Most adverts that they saw featuring a free stop smoking patch. To be honest, there is no such thing as a free stop smoking patch.

There are lots of nicotine patches around. They are not expensive at all and, mostly their price depends on their branding and where you bought them.

The number of nicotine patches used per day will affect your spending expenses for the entire treatment period.

There are many smokers do not have a strong addiction, therefore they do not have to require any stop smoking patches. However, only those who are compulsive smokers require stronger nicotine stop smoking patches and more frequent change of the patches.

Although, you ca not get a free stop smoking patch, you still can get a good deal from many online shops selling stop smoking aids. Of course, their prices are much affordable than those prices in the offline shops.

Some online drug stores have regular promotions for example, you may get a free anti-smoking patch if you buy another complementary product. This is another service to keep existing customers.

When you come across a free anti smoking patch offer, be very careful before taking such free offer as it may not be genuine. It might turn out to be a scam, or there are certain terms and conditions attached to it.

Check your patches whether they are real or fake. If you are using the fake nicotine patches, you may get harmful chemicals that might affect your health putting it in a dangerous mode.

For ex smokers who have successfully kicked their habits, you simply do not need any stop smoking patches. But you still need lots of free support and information to prevent you from picking up this harmful habit again.

You can go online as a prevention measure showing you the dangers of smoking and thousand ways to help you to quit smoking.

The internet medium can offer you many discussion and support groups to help you. You can meet and communicate with them with others similar to your situation. They are able to share your thought and support.

Whether you are an internet user or not, you are able to get lots of free support from many non smokers groups. They are there to provide advice and support for smokers trying to kick their habit fast.

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