Free Or Paid Information Products?

By: Stephen Beck

I help people market information products in their home internet business for a living. One of the most common questions that I get all the time is whether someone should be concerned if they are selling an information product about a topic for which there is free information available. They believe that the presence of the free product eliminates demand for the paid product.
Some people see a free book out there as a negative but I see it as a positive especially if the free version does not go into the full details on the topic that is being covered. The reason why is it shows that there is enough interest in the topic that someone created a product on your topic of interest.
Keep in mind that there are several topics that you can locate information on at no cost. The challenge is that it would take a significant amount of time to locate the information. Convenience is worth spending money on. It is more convenient to find information in one location. The average person does not want to search on a bunch of websites and put the information together. They want it right now and in your home internet business you can provide it to them.
Think about all the situations where people spend money to save time. Think about all the situations where people pay more for higher quality, especially if the quality of the free products is low. This is exactly what you are doing when you create a product to sell on the internet.
It is a good idea to offer a free mini-course as a way to get the attention of prospective customers. If they like your free course, often some of them will want to purchase your paid ebook on a related topic. The higher the quality of the free course, the higher the perceived value will be for the paid ebook. Money makes it worth more. Do not feel you cannot compete with a free product because you can not only compete, you can thrive in your home internet business.

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