Introduces Three kinds of High-Performance GPS Mobile Phones

By: Amanda Xia, one of China's premier B2B search phases with more than 30 B2B commerce websites to its name, introduces three kinds of high-performance GPS mobile phones.
GPS functionality has now become the essential functions of the smart phone, although the screen size cannot be compared with real GPS, but its advantage is portable.
For business people, GPS mobile phone will undoubtedly be more useful for them. Here the writer introduces three kinds of mobile phone, which equipped with GPS function, including the Sony Ericsson W760c, Nokia 6220c, and Samsung SGH-i728. Relate to the function, its price is really affordable.
Sony Ericsson W760c, the reference price is 1,399 RMB. Sony Ericsson Walkman models W760 first adding a GPS navigation capabilities, making Walkman enrich the content. Through the shortcuts of GPS keys in the navigation keyboard, users can quickly enter the W760's navigation function. W760's features include GPS navigation, tracking, training, location, collection and other functions. Sony Ericsson W760c is equipped with a 3.2 million-pixel camera GPS Walkman phone. As a Walkman music phone, W760c built-in Walkman3.0 music player software, supports MP3, AAC, AAC and so on music formats.
In the shooting aspect, the Sony Ericsson W760c configures a 3.2 million-pixel camera and built-in flashlight, it is regretted that does not support auto-focus features. Other functions, W760c built-in FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, support A2DP stereo, with the fuselage 40MB memory.
Nokia 6220c, the reference price is 1,530 RMB. Nokia 6220c has A-GPS navigation function, the so-called A-GPS is network-assisted positioning, but the 6220c is also built-in GPS chip, the speed of search positioning relatively fast, built-in NOKIA MAPS 2.0, a number of conventional route setting, search, and so on functions are available, but also strengthened the function of walking patterns. Nokia 6220c body thickness of 15.2 millimetres, though it is not thin, but the hand feeling is quite good. Nokia 6220c has 5 million-pixel auto-focus camera, camera phone, adding xenon flash, all properties could reached a high level. Samsung SGH-i728, the reference price is 1,880 RMB.
Samsung i728 built-in GPS global satellite positioning navigation chip, while supporting China Mobile's A-GPS positioning network services, to achieve real-time navigation function, POI search, address search, voice services, bus transfer, simulation navigation, real-time navigation and so on very useful and special navigation functions. Samsung i728 is a very classic mobile phone, the overall use metal elements design; it is very suitable for business consumers. The 2.8-inch QVGA-resolution screen, as well as 3 million pixel auto-focus lens to make the phone looks quite good. In hardware aspects, it has 624MHz processor and 128MHz RAM/256MHz ROM, running a number of large-scale software goes without saying.
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