Frbiz.Com Reports Foreign Flat-Panel TV To Re-Seize The Chinese Market

By: Tian Li

"The third quarter to further expand the demand for flat-panel TVs, with a total sales volume reached 4.5 million units, up 20%." Yesterday, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce issued "China's flat-panel TV demand conditions for urban consumers research report" display. It is noteworthy that, as the global economy recovers, the third quarter, foreign-brand flat-panel TVs in China's market share has rebounded to 32%. The future will tend to continue rising trend.
Foreign investment in the second half, begin to exert
China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, according to previous statistics, the foreign brand market share in China, once from a peak of nearly 50% last year, a 20% fall into the bottom. With the promotion of home appliances to the countryside, domestic brands even stole the show. Data show, foreign brands accounted for only appliances to the countryside into a share of flat-panel TVs, and the remaining 90% of the market was firmly grasp of domestic brands. While the price ceiling appliances to the countryside will be canceled, but the domestic brands have a mature channel in rural areas, foreign-brand home appliances to the countryside in the "snatch", no easy task.
However, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo highlighted yesterday, the strong return of foreign capital in the third quarter. "Domestic brands overseas, the layout is small, it has not been a big impact, but foreign brands are an international enterprise is certainly a big impact the financial crisis, it has been since late last year, foreign brands took contraction strategy." Survey found that the first half of few foreign brands in the domestic launch of new products, but since the third quarter, foreign brands began to push new products to upgrade. This fully shows that foreign brands to come out from the financial crisis.
Focused on the future of contention LED LCD TV
Although nearly 70% of the strong market share, but Lu Renbo warned that: "Domestic brand market is large but low-margin, foreign brands is very clever, although the volume is less than domestic brands, but the sales they are not worse than the domestic brands much. to the recent foreign brand flagship LED LCD TV, for example, as far as I know, a LED LCD TV profits is equivalent to three ordinary LCD television. "
Appliance Experts Liu Bu dust analysis, LED LCD TV because the current market, less, "scarcity value", the price is relatively high, generally higher than the same-size LCD TVs more than doubled. But with the increasing amount of large flat-panel TV businesses hope to make money through the LED LCD TV dream of high profits may be dashed. Liu-step dust analysis, LED Backlight LCD TV because of their different and quality and other factors will certainly be a future market trends.
Lu Renbo is expected this year, LED LCD TV sales in China will reach 1 million units next year will reach 4 million units in 2011 broke through eight million units. It is reported that foreign brands as Samsung, Toshiba has introduced a corresponding product, and so on are also involved in the domestic Skyworth. The market situation of foreign competition in the confrontation has been beginning to bear, the price will become the future of the brand LED LCD TV to seize the market weapon.
"Foreign brands have very strong control over the price, if the start price cuts to domestic brands will be no small impact." Lu Renbo suggested that domestic brands in the market at the same time consolidating the 12 open 34 markets, the use of corporate innovation stabilize the share of the active layout in the industry chain, the investment panel, chips, modules and other fields.

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