Four Mexico Export-Import Sectors To Watch Out For

By: Gen Wright

Mexico is all too often associated with the still-epic 1994 financial crisis that resulted in the country borrowing over $50 billion in funds to avoid economic collapse. With that, and the stereotype of all Mexican citizens immigrating into the United States illegally, there is a false impression of what is really going on with that country.

Did you know that since 1994, with the exception of one stagnant period in 2001, Mexico's economy has grown? Fifteen years of steady growth is an accomplishment every country should be proud of, especially with the recent global economic crisis.

If you were looking to get into the export-import business, why not start with Mexico? There are a number of products and industries for you to choose from, and many of them do not force licensing regulations to operate across the border.

Here are a few great choices if you are having trouble getting started:


While you may be thinking of Juan Valdez, the fictitious Colombian coffee farmer, the reality is that this iconic character is not from Mexico at all. Still, the reputation Mexico has for coffee export is a well-deserved one despite chronically mistaken association with its neighbor to the south. Coffee, like most items in Mexico, comes at a cheaper price in nations such as the United States, while still delivering on great quality expectations.


Goods and services have always been cheaper in Mexico than in the neighbor to their North. If you are operating out of the United States especially, you will want to partake of the reduced manufacturing costs you can benefit from in the furniture industry by importing furniture from Mexico. Furniture is already a lucrative market, where large markup is understood. Give yourself even more "wiggle room" by purchasing products at a lower cost.

Information Technology

To date, Mexico has shown slow development in its information technology sector. A deeper understanding of computer software applications can offer an abundance of growth potential to your Mexico export-import business. It will also help you to develop strong, positive relationships with a country positioned for a surge in growth.

Financial Services

Since 1994, Mexico is a country invested in growth. Its government and people both want a better way of life, and financial services are in need. After all, with its steady prosperity relatively new, Mexico is a country showing a profit. If you can manage finances or offer solutions that will help the Mexican people do the same, then you could be an invaluable asset to the nation's continued growth and prosperity.

Other avenues you may wish to consider: fruits, vegetables, alcoholic beverages, handcrafts, jewelry, silver, machinery, and equipment. The possibilities are limitless. After you get a feel for "your area," then you can start building the rest of your business around it. Use tools of your trade, such as trusted Internet sites, Embassies and Consulates, Boards of Trade, and Chambers of Commerce, to find vendors you can trust. Soon, you will develop positive relationships and find markets you previously knew very little about, and your export-import to Mexico business will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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