Four Great Self Defense Tools You Will Hopefully Never Need

By: Gen Wright

Walking alone at night through a parking lot to your darkened car that hides underneath a street light can be a harrowing experience. And even though the worst things that you expect to happen rarely ever do, you still hear stories everyday about "the last time [fill in the blank] was seen alive." No one wants to end up a statistic, and the vast majority of people never do - at least, not a statistic of crime.

But to paraphrase the old western Shane, which at the time was speaking of guns, it's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it. Luckily, technology has improved to the point that guns are no longer a necessity for anyone looking to protect oneself from harm. All you need is a keen sense of awareness about your surroundings and any one of these four great self defense tools for protecting yourself or your family from the dangers of this world:

1. Reverse peephole: Interrupting a burglary or living in a rough neighborhood are either one good reasons to own a reverse peephole. If someone is waiting for you, whether it is a situation where they don't know you'll be coming home, or they have serious intent on causing you harm, a reverse peephole can put you in a good position to run for safety and help. Don't give crooks, perverts, and predators, the jump on you when it is so easy and affordable to know that home is a place where you can always be safe, no matter what awaits on the other side of the door.

2. Parental control software: If you are a parent like most parents, the pain of losing a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Therefore, protecting them is a form of self defense because you make it to where you never have to know the horror that comes with losing a child. By installing parental control software, you can prevent your children from venturing into any online situations where they make themselves vulnerable to a predator.

3. Pepper spray: Sometimes you can't escape what is coming. But you can fight back. One great weapon in your arsenal is pepper spray. No matter how satisfying it may seem to do irreparable harm to a person intent on harming you, killing someone is a very hard decision to live with, and it isn't fair that you should have to risk the guilt it can bring. Don't give criminals that power over you! Instead a good canister of pepper spray can stop a predator dead in his tracks without stopping him dead for good. That gives you the opportunity to get away, and authorities a better chance of catching him before he can do it to someone else.

4. Stun gun: In much the same vein as pepper spray, a stun gun can make a predator think twice about deciding to take you on. A stun gun or mini-stun gun delivers a jolt to the assailant that will make regaining his composure and relaunching an attack impossible. By giving the gift of temporary paralysis, you make it possible to escape and to put him in a not-so-nice home for the holidays.

Self defense technologies make great gifts for the ones you love, and they could just save a life. Never let you or your loved ones be without self defense again.

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