Four Factors That Affect Your Golf Swing

By: Reggie Dunn

Every person has his or her own unique body with its own elasticity, strengths, and range of motion. No two individuals can ever have the same golf swing in the game of golf. Even if two people have nearly the same body type the way one person swings a golf club may differ totally from another person. All golfers must realize the playing style that suits them to get to the results they want to achieve.

There is one thing that can make golfers produce spontaneous and sure advancements on the green and that is an acknowledgement of the elements that influence the golf ball at the time of impact by the golf club. This understanding of the factors and how they influence the ball would guide you to know what takes place when the golf club hits the ball, and through that calculate the flight of the golf ball.

The best kind of impact is when the golf club sweet spot pelts the ball. It is dependent on the fusion of four factors which will ultimately decide towards what direction and to what length the ball will roll. Irrespective of how they happen, the golf ball will surely answer to these elements. These factors are as follows:

Factor 1

The most important factor that affects the swing of your golf is the angle of the face of the club at the time of touching the ball. The position of the face of the club at the time of hitting the ball is the first crucial factor because it affects the direction and movement of the ball at the beginning. You must hold the clubface towards the direction of the target you have selected down the golf course. The ball will move directly down to the course minus any spin if the clubface is held straight and perpendicular to the golf ball at the time of impact.

Factor 2

The second crucial element at the time of impact is the angle of the club head relative to the golf ball. There are two angles of impact, horizontal angle and vertical angle. These two angles are fused together to decide the first direction of the ball and the height of the flight path of the golf ball. How high the ball will fly is settled by the vertical angle of impact. You will lose the distance in your shot if it is either too high or too low. The first direction the ball will take is settled by the horizontal angle of impact.

Factor 3

Then again, the sweet spot of the ball must be hit by the clubface for the best impact. The sweet spot is the region on the golf club’s face that will shift the pressure of your golf swing to the golf ball. If the angle of the clubface and the club head at the time of impact is perfect, then shifting this pressure with all practical purposes will heighten its capacity to the fullest and carry the ball straight and a long distance down the course.

Factor 4

The club head at the moment of impact is the fourth and the last factor. The speed of the swing of your golf will decide how much force you shift to the golf ball and finally to what distance it will go when you impact it on the sweet spot. Muscles do not determine the power or the speed of the golf swing by themselves. Body flexibility and range of motion are other elements that affect how a golfer utilizes those muscles in making a even consistent swing.

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