Fort Lauderdale Monitoring Security Systems

By: Mel Joelle

While the crime rate has dropped in Fort Lauderdale since 2009, investing in a monitoring security system can be beneficial to the individual and the community alike. In 2010 alone, there were 2,841 incidences of burglary, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Burglaries and home break-ins occur 60 percent more frequently in Fort Lauderdale than the national average. Because Fort Lauderdale is a relatively large city, citizens need to protect themselves and their property. During these troublesome economic times, the employment rate is down and the crime rate is up nationally, and this does not exclude Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas in South Florida. Installing a monitoring security system can lessen the risk of home break-ins and burglaries, and can, in turn, prevent violent crimes from occurring.

Investing in a monitoring security system is essential for keeping a home and family safe. Most technologically up-to-date systems have the capability to alert authorities immediately when activated. Some systems are motion-activated, and statistics show that just the sound of the alarm system usually frightens off intruders before they even enter the home. Furthermore, an alarm with a loud sound can alert neighbors within earshot of a possible intrusion or other problem in the home. Many monitoring security systems come equipped with fire and smoke detection capabilities.

Taking into account the safety provided by installing a security system, including protection against intruders, smoke detection, and immediate notification to the authorities of a problem in the home, investing in a monitoring security system is an economically sound decision as well. Installing a security system may reduce home insurance cost. Some insurance companies will provide recommendations of certain security system companies to clients based on the clients’ particular needs and services required or requested. The cost of purchasing a monitoring security system, installation, and monthly fees for standby services (for example, the cost of the authorities coming to the home upon alert) can be offset by the reduced price of home insurance.

Monitoring security systems can provide peace of mind while homeowners are out of town or away from home for some time. With the technologically advanced systems available, 24-hour surveillance is available, and motion sensors and detectors can be integrated into many systems. This means that even while no one is at home, the property is still protected and authorities may be automatically alerted by the system itself. Furthermore, these advanced security systems are simple to disarm, usually by typing in a code on a keypad; not unlike those used by banking services such as ATMs.

Residents of Fort Lauderdale, which is a relatively large city, would benefit from considering installing a monitoring security system. While not as crime-wrought as neighboring cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale holds its own significant risks. Homeowners would do well to protect themselves and their property by investing in a monitoring security system, which can be tailored to customers’ personal needs. During these trying economic times, citizens of Fort Lauderdale must take every measure to defend themselves.

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