Forex Trading for a Good Living

By: Paul Wyree

What is Forex Trading? Many of you have just heard of Forex trading for the first time and how potentially wonderful it can be. And that's cool! There is nothing wrong with that and it's great that you are starting to learn about it! Forex trading when learned correctly can create a lot of cash flow and net worth over time. Don't be too anxious though for quick profits, because that will surely lead you into trouble. Don't try to make money to fast with large positions sizing (anything over 5% margin of the entire portfolio size). Forex trading is similar to Futures trading which is sort of similar to stock trading. You can buy something and you can 'short sell' something.

That means you can buy something and make money with the Forex currency pair goes up (a currency pair is like a futures contract or shares of a stock) and you can make money when you sell a Forex currency pair short as the Forex currency pair goes down in price. Forex is great because it offers tremendous leverage but also tremendous flexibility so you can control that leverage. Forex trading platforms are quite advanced and allow you much control while actually encouraging you to use stop losses and profit taking orders. The Forex markets offers the most advanced technology for trading, making trading easier and more productive. The entire world is involved collectively in developing new technologies and trading systems to take advantage of price moves in Forex.

The Forex market also has some of the most advanced and sophisticated trading systems developed, with global participation in strategy and forex automated systems design. There are so many good systems coming out continually to help you trade successfully, fast! Forex offers great volatility so you can pretty much always take advantage of a good price move that can product a really good return. You have continual opportunity in Forex to day trade, swing trade, trend trade, position trade... The best part about Forex trading is that you can start with a small amount of money in any style of trading. That is not true in stock trading.

Even options trading requires a little more money. You can trade in fractional, or micro / mini lots in Forex to get started, to get good at Forex trading. Its truly an ideal place for a trader to become a good trader. While the stock market and futures markets may be dull the Forex market is so flexible and dynamic that there is always plenty of opportunity to capture some sort of swing or trend which contributes greatly to the arsenal of the professional trader. Once stocks are dull or futures are dull move onto to Forex and trade with tremendous leverag

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